Scarlet Fade Talks About their Transition from Christian Rock to Worship & Their New Music

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"Pulse," the title song from the upcoming project from sibling trio Scarlet Fade. The song, written by band member Jordan Hoffman and Cale Kight, who also produced the single, goes for adds to Christian AC and Christian CHR-formatted outlets.

Originally from Connecticut, the siblings Jordan, Jaimee and Jacob Hoffman, won the hearts of audiences up and down the East Coast with their powerful harmonies and onstage passion. Early on, Scarlet Fade found radio success with singles that landed the group in the Top 10 and Top 15 on Billboard's Christian rock charts.

As the band evolved, new doors opened. After relocating to Georgia, Scarlet Fade found a deeper calling toward worship. Keeping its brand of pop enthusiasm with powerful melodies, the band released its first worship album in 2016. Following its release, the first single, "Faithful," found a home on the Christian international charts at No 1, where it remained for several weeks. 

Since that time, Scarlet Fade has continued to write and tour with great heart and determination. Now, with a new album and busy tour schedule, Scarlet Fade shows no signs of slowing as the siblings work to bring encouragement and inspiration to people of all ages.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. Who is Scarlet Fade?

I'm grateful for the opportunity. Thank you! Scarlet Fade is made up of myself, (Jordan / guitar) and my 2 siblings. My brother Jake plays drums and my sister Jaimee plays keys. We are based out of Georgia and we travel the country leading worship for various church events, Christian camps, youth events, etc. 

Q: Why do you call yourselves Scarlet Fade?

The name Scarlet Fade was inspired by the verse Isaiah 1:18 which says, " 'Come now, let us settle the matter,' says the Lord. 'Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.' " We grew up in a Christian home, so it has always been important for us to bring the hope of Christ to people through the songs that we sing, because it's only through Him that we are saved and washed white as snow. 

Q: You started off as a Christian rock act. Tell us more about this season of ministry.

We started playing music at a really young age. We actually started as more of a worship group and then transitioned to Christian rock. As we got older, we just gravitated towards that rock style of music, but still kept to our core beliefs as Christians. We were able to go into more secular venues and festivals with this style of music which was incredible for ministry opportunities. There are so many amazing stories to tell during this season but God had other plans for us!

Q: What made you change direction to worship music?

It happened gradually over time. Although we were successful in the Christian rock genre, we were increasingly getting invited to lead worship for different churches, events, etc. In the midst of this we began to be inspired to write some original worship songs. It was during that time that we felt God calling us to transition more and more to worship full time. So, three years ago we came out with our first worship album. 

Q: Since there are already so many worship bands out there, what sets your music apart?

I'm not sure exactly what sets us apart, but I know that one thing that really matters to us as a group is a certain depth in our lyrical content. We try to be very intentional about how we say things from a theological standpoint. It's important to us. Each song is written so that the listener would not only enjoy the sound, but also be drawn to a deeper understanding of who God is and what He has done and is doing in and through each of us. As far as the music, we just always strive to be musically vibrant and diverse with our sound!

Q: You have just released your new worship album "Pulse." Why did you name the record "Pulse"?

The song Pulse talks about something which is super important to us as a group. Like the song states, worship and life as a Christian is more than a rush or a feeling. It's more than just emotion. It's about everyday living your life for Christ and seeking His truth in all things. It's a message that is so relevant in the culture that we live in today. This song encompasses the heart and message of not only the album itself, but also us as a group and our goals as individuals, and as Christians.

Q: What are some of the songs on the record you are excited about? And why?

I am terrible with picking favorites but Pulse would be one of them just because of the message of the song. Songs like Elohai and Rock of Ages (Shelter Me) have been some of my favorites early on, mainly because of the overwhelming response we've gotten on how these songs have impacted others lives.

Q: Speaking of pulse, what's the pulse of your ministry? What keeps you motivated each day to serve our Lord?

That is a great question. The pulse of our ministry has always been to put God first and allow Him to use us and the gifts He has given us for His glory. Although over the years our genre has changed, we have always had that mindset as the core of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It is not easy and there are a ton of challenges with life on the road and being an independent artist. However, our motivation is that we know that God has a plan and has been faithful for all these years. Seeing what God has done through our music and where He has taken us has given us so much drive to keep pursuing Him, and to continue to follow where He leads us. We love doing what we do and hope to continue to make music that is not only great for others to listen to, but also and more importantly bring them closer to God; encouraging people to have a deeper relationship with Him.

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