The City Church Releases New Album "Thankful Hearts"

the city church

The City Church in Canterbury and Whitstable, UK, have produced an 11 track celebration worship album titled 'Thankful Hearts', produced by Paul Burton, which will be released on April 8th 2019 following the album launch party in Canterbury on Saturday April 6th.

"Over the last few years as worship leaders and songwriters at The City Church we've been trying hard to find celebration songs to introduce to the Church" explains Olly Knight, Worship Team Leader. "It's been difficult finding upbeat songs that have good solid content. We decided to try and write them ourselves and "Thankful Hearts" is a result of the last couple of years of writing. There's going to be songs like "Risen King", "You are the Christ", "Jesus is the Lord of All" and "Strength of my Heart" that we've been using at City Church and at conferences over the past couple of years!"

"I was songwriting with a group at a couple's house from Church and the lady who was hosting us said 'where can we listen to the songs we sing on Sunday mornings? You should think about recording an album'. This got us thinking that with an album we could resource our Church with the songs that we sing on Sunday mornings. Families could worship along to the songs at home, the songs could help with quiet times in the car or out and about on a run! We also thought that the songs could serve other Churches in our family of Churches and beyond." 


1. Thankful Hearts
2. Come Let Us Sing
3. Because Of The Cross
4. Mercy
5. Risen King
6. Jesus is The Lord of All
7. Strength of my Heart
8. You Are The Christ
9. Risen Indeed
10. Raised with Christ
11. Holy is The Name 

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