Dr. Jeff Huxford's "Finding Normal" Recounts Near Fatal Car Crash and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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Finding Normal, the debut release from Dr. Jeff Huxford is available now. After surviving a near fatal car crash that left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the powerful memoir powerfully documents Huxford's journey to re-find himself through a renewed understanding of his identity in God. Once a successful doctor in Indiana, Huxford was abruptly forced to leave his medical practice and re-learn who he was after his brain injury. 

With transparency and vulnerability, Huxford courageously unpacks his quest for a "new normal," tackling insecurity, expectations, faith and mental health, even including a special chapter written by his wife, who shares her compelling account of the traumatic experience.Finding Normal is already having an impact with its readers. Praise has been pouring in since the digital release of Finding Normal this past August, ahead of the books physical release, receiving a 100% 5-star review rating on Amazon.

"What [Jeff Huxford] gives us is an unflinching, moving, and entirely relatable account of a metamorphosis. Of waking up to find you are someone else, someone you didn't want to become. Someone who is, perhaps, a better version of you. I can picture myself in Huxford's place, but I'm not sure I can picture myself having his courage."

"This is a truly amazing story. Jeff shows how God's grace has led him and his family through a horrific time...I appreciate his honesty and candor in dealing with a traumatic brain injury. More importantly, I appreciate his sharing of how he has dealt with this life changing event...A good read for sure!""I am a fellow TBI survivor! Reading his story about the work God has been doing in his life has been encouraging! Check it out!"

"This is a compelling, well-written story of a doctor who loses his ability to practice medicine due to a traumatic brain injury caused by a car accident. Through the process of healing, he realizes that God has always been in control of his life. This is an uplifting book.""This book is fabulous. Jeff's honesty, 'normal is abnormal.' It speaks to TBI and is so applicable to so many other trials in this ugly world. I ordered two!

Finding Normal is available now. To order your copy of Finding Normal, click here. For more information, visit

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