Chris Muglia Releases "God So Loved the World"

Chris Muglia

Chris Muglia has released his new album God So Loved the World. Chris Muglia is a skilled communicator and a talented singer/songwriter whose music and witness are right on target with the issues that challenge people today. Audiences call his presentations "thought-provoking, honest and transparent with a message that inspires people to live in heroic ways."

As a musician with songs published worldwide in multiple languages, a successful businessman, a certified life coach, a husband of 24 years and a father of 5 children, Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his presentations. Chris and his wife Sheila reside in Phoenix, Arizona. 


1. Chosen and Called (Greatness)
2. We Come to Worship You
3. God So Loved the World
4. Beyond All Days
5. Christ, Shine in Our Lives
6. You Are Welcome Here
7. Forgiven
8. Light of the Nations 

To purchase the new album, click here.

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