Jimmy Charles Provides Hope for Cancer Patients via #IAMNOTALONE

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Rising Country artist Jimmy Charles has launched his 501(3)(c) charity, #IAMNOTALONE, in tandem with his new single, "I Am Not Alone." The organization focuses on ensuring that no one battling cancer feels alone in their journey and asks participants to sign a "contract" promising never to give up.

 Jimmy co-wrote the passionate song with C.J. Garton and Rich Fehle, and the track was produced by Grammy Award-winner Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell (Rod Stewart, Bruno Mars, Al Green, John Mayer). "I Am Not Alone" offers a powerful message of hope and strength - and Jimmy will donate 100% of the single's sales to his new nonprofit.

The song is from his upcoming EP and is available to radio via Play MPE and AirPlay Direct. Fans can find the track on Amazon,iTunes and HERE

Q:  Thank you for doing this interview with us, Jimmy!  You have just stated a new charity called #IAMNOTALONE, what is this organization about?  

Thanks so much for the interview and helping or cause! "I Am Not Alone" is a charitable 501-C Non-Profit that will reach out to men and women across the nation to make sure they never feel or fight alone in their battle against cancer. To make sure they always feel the Love and support that surrounds them, to never let cancer steal their spirit and to never ever give up the fight.

The organization focuses on the patient first and their mental well- being as well as finding a cure for the disease. A special moment and challenge will soon launch to reach out to millions of those fighting for their lives. The movement will involve the signing of a contract that will create a special moment between survivor and their loved ones to share their feelings, show their love and promise to each other to always be there and never give up. The contract will stand as a tangible momento to remember that love and bring strength and comfort during the hard times.

In addition, it will create opportunities for survivors to come together online and at "I Am Not Alone" sponsored events and share their feelings and support one another. I Am Not Alone will partner with other nonprofits of many cancers and assist in fundraising for advocacy, education, awareness and continued research to put an end to cancer for good. The patient outreach department will provide services and/or funding for special needs patients which will be determined through application. They will also provide mentorship and simply someone to talk to via 24-hour hotline and chat when in need, feeling scared, alone and possibly suicidal.  

Q: What prompted you to help people battling cancer? 

 I lost three family members from Cancer, as well as friends and parents of friends. I have volunteered with many cancer organizations before finding Zero, writing "Superman" which then lead to my own nonprofit and new song, "I Am Not Alone." There is such an amazing feeling to be able to help others with my music---- it is a passion that continues to grow. It has made me a better man and made me so thankful for all that I have.  

Q:  Having worked with cancer patients, besides a cure, what do cancer patients (as you have experienced) most need?  

We continue to pump millions and millions of dollars into research and I pray that one day we finally find a cure. In the meantime, we need to take care of the survivors who are out there battling every day. The first thing that goes through their minds when they wake up is, 'I have cancer what do I have to do today to beat it.' All of the treatments and everything they go through is not only taxing on their bodies physically but their minds mentally. We need to make sure they are strong internally and know that they are loved and never ever feel alone!  

Q: How can our readers join you in helping people with cancer?  What can we do for them?  

First of all, please join us on Facebook and Instagram. If you have cancer, please join the I Am Not Alone support group and keep in touch with others battling the same fight. Take or challenge someone to take the I Am Not Alone Challenge by printing out one of our contracts in the contracts album on Facebook. Choose the one unique to your cancer and create a moment with loved ones to read it allowed and embrace the love that surrounds you promising to never give up the fight! Join us November 10th in Nashville for the making of the music video and Survivors March across the pedestrian bridge in Nashville. Finally make a donation to "I Am Not Alone" so we continue to reach out to the many battling this horrible disease.  

Q: I believe you are putting your final touches on your new EP.  What can fans expect about this new record?  Give us a sneak pick about this new record. 

I have never been more excited for upcoming music in my life. We went all out using the best studios (Royal, Ocean Way and Warner Brothers), some of the best studio musicians in Nashville. This album will define me as an artist. Everything I have been working towards over my "Ten" years in Nashville will show in this album which we titled, "Ten." It's real music with heart, soul and country that rocks. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. My producer Paul David and I joke about how we can never pick a favorite song. It's always the one we are working on at the time. I hope the fans love the music as much as I do. It's been a blast to record. 

Q: How do you wish this new record will encourage your listeners? 

The new album will bring you to new depths of love with "She's Where I Belong" and "God and A Woman." It will encourage you to never give up with "I Am Not Alone," "Superman" and "Rollin On."  It will recognize addiction but identify a way out with "Hard Way To Go." And finally, it will take you to the beach with "Blue Spaces" -that's gonna make you get up and dance and probably take a vacation! There is a little bit of me in all of these songs. I named the album "Ten" - it celebrates ten years of the grind and also living my dream in music but if I had to rename it I might simply title it "This is Me." 


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