Paula Hill Releases Her Newest Devotional Book

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Paula Hill, International Women's Director for the Church of God, and wife of Dr. Tim Hill, general overseer for the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee, has announced the release of her new book Pot Holes, Stinky Stuff and Thin Blankets, The Smiles That Lead Home.

Her new devotional book chronicles her nearly 40-year journey as a mother, Evangelist and preachers Wife, and as a leader in her own right. Paula gives us an intimate look at the triumphs and struggles of her very public life and ministry.

Written as a devotional, Paula's often humorous stories allow us to catch a glimpse of the difficulties and joys of her life, and provide us with an example of her unrelenting faith and trust in God. Gifted as a storyteller, she is joined by her two daughters Melinda Hill Maness and Tara Hill Sharpe, giving us an even broader view of the lessons she's learned through her many years in service to God.

In the book forward, author Joni Lamb states "Paula's stories are as real as she is, as are the stories written and told by her daughters."  In a video announcement of his wife's book release, Dr. Tim Hill proudly states This is Paula's third devotional, and I think her best one! I'm proud of her and I think it's great!"

To purchase Pot Holes, Stinky Stuff and Thin Blankets,  go to :

Paula Hill currently serves as the International Women's Director for the Church of God and previously served as Women's Ministries Coordinator for the Church of God World Missions.  She was on the Church of God Women's Ministries Advisory Committee and was the state president for the Women's Ministries in Oklahoma and Southern Ohio. In addition, Paula has ministered alongside her husband, Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer for the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee.

Paula has written two previous devotional books, "Heart Songs, A Devotional Journal for Women," and "Grace Notes from a Singing Heart." She is a gifted communicator and speaker.



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