Jeff Huxford's Memoir "Finding Normal" Recounts Near Fatal Car Crash and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Surviving a near fatal car crash that left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Dr. Jeff Huxford powerfully documents his journey to re-find himself through a renewed understanding of his identity in God in his moving memoir, Finding Normalavailable Nov. 6. Once a successful doctor in Indiana, Huxford was abruptly forced to leave his medical practice and re-learn who he was after his brain injury.

With transparency and vulnerability, Huxford courageously unpacks his quest for a "new normal," tackling insecurity, expectations, faith and mental health. Huxford even includes a chapter written by his wife, who shares her moving account of the traumatic experience.


"My memory is the one thing I am most nervous about, and I felt the need to write my entire story down in case one day, I forget what happened. This is one of the many reasons I wrote this book. I don't know how much longer I will be able to share my story," said Huxford. "Although I will never be able to practice medicine again, I've found a new love for writing and speaking. I want other people who are going through trials and hardships to know that hope is available, and although life will never be the same, it can still be vibrant and fulfilling." 


Finding Normal is now available on e-book. To pre-order your copy of Finding Normal, click here. For more information, visit

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