Sarah Benedick Releases Her EP "Come Away"

sarah benedick

Singer and songwriter Sarah Benedick has just released her new EP. Come Away includes six original songs, an eclectic blend of lyrical ballads, contemporary praise, and island/folk beats. With lyrics inspired by the scriptures, Sarah's music takes the listener on a journey of finding purpose, joy and strength in God's presence. 

Sarah and her husband Andy live in Melbourne, Florida.  They have three children and a pet leopard gecko.  Sarah is a worship leader, singer/songwriter and musician.  She has always loved to sing and is a classically trained vocalist, as well as a piano / keyboard player. 

​During college, she took a songwriting class and had a desire to write her own music.  It wasn't until years later that her songwriting developed.  The first song, You Are (Unfailing Love), began as a prayer for emotional and physical healing.   After walking through a long season of waiting and learning to surrender her gifts and talents to the Lord, Sarah began writing more songs.  Be Still was inspired by a friend who was battling cancer, and became a source of strength and encouragement for others who were facing similar struggles. 


1. Further Up
2. Come Away
3. Be Still
4. You Are (Unfailing Love)
5. Voice of the Lord
6. Ashira (I Will Sing) 

To purchase her EP, click here.



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