Resound Worship Releases "Love Songs"

Resound Worship

British songwriting collective Resound Worship has released a brand new EP "Love Songs."  This is a collection of congregational worship songs on the theme of God's love. 

The team writes:  "We really wanted this recording to sound like church, rather than the studio. We wanted you to hear the songs how they might sound when you do them at your church. But, with limited talent and budgets, we had to fake it a bit. So we got most of the songwriters together, formed a band, pulled in a friend or two and recorded the core instruments together, live in Joel's house. We thought a bit about arrangements, but the key instruction was 'play it like you would in church'." 

"After recording the core band we did a bit of tidying up and overdubbing - acoustic guitars, for example, are tricky to do live, and Matt, for all his talent, can't play bass and flugelhorn at the same time - and then asked the delegates at the Resound Worship Songwriting Retreat 2018 to form a 'live' congregation for us. They were great. It was so much fun! "


1. Great Is the Lord
2. If I Speak Words of Wisdom
3. When My Soul Is Weak
4. No Greater Love
5. There's a Love That Seeks Us 

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