Zion's Joy! Talks Exclusively About Why Facebook Removed the Video of their Latest Single

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Gospel group Zion's Joy! made news headlines after Facebook took down the music video for their new single, "What Would Heaven Look Like" - the title track from their upcoming album from Habakkuk Music/InGrooves/Universal. Earlier this month, Facebook flagged the video as "political content" and blocked the video from the social media platform.  Facebook ultimately restored the video and apologized to the group.

Zion's Joy! was founded by Robert W. Stevenson in 2008 and in the decade that followed they have performed throughout the United States, using their powerful voices and tight, rich harmonies to deliver a unique blend of old and new school gospel and contemporary Christian music. The line-up consists of Kay Insley, Camille McKnight, Lia Matthews, Karen Hall, Shekinah Caldron, Lynesha Sweeney, Patrick Taylor, Jeffery Porter and Ramone Griffith.

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Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Tell us who is Zion's Joy?  

Zion's Joy is an Indianapolis-based multicultural gospel group, with a mission to unite the world in love through praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Q:  How and when did you come together?

Zion's Joy was founded by Robert W. Stevenson in 2008 (initially named Zion's Voice) and was featured on the song "Praise Him in the Dance."  Each member has their own unique story of how God called them to this evangelistic music ministry to spread the Word of God to the masses..

Q:  Why do you call yourself Zion's Joy?

The theme of Zion's Joy is taken from Isaiah 51:3 where it concludes that in Zion "joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody."  Being an evangelistic music ministry, Zion's Joy loves to encourage and witness others giving their hearts to Christ.  We believe that every listener will hear the heartbeat of praise, worship, salvation, celebration and unity.

Q:  Recently you had an incident with Facebook where they flagged the music video of "What Would Heaven Look Like," as "political content" and blocked the video from the social media platform.  Why did you think they did that?

In an effort to promote our music video "What Would Heaven Look Like" we used our Zion's Joy Facebook page.  We had received thousands of likes and shares.  We decided to "boost" the video to get it out to a larger audience.  Facebook rejected the request.  We tried again and it was rejected again and then eventually removed altogether, citing "Political Content."  

Q:  How was the situation resolved?

Our publicist released a press release on our behalf, and it was picked up by several media outlets including The New York Times.  After that article, Facebook wrote us an apology and restored the video, comments, shares, etc. to Facebook.

Q:  What exactly is the single "What Would Heaven Look Like" about?

"What Would Heaven Look Like" is a beautiful song written by our founder Robert Stevenson and group member Kay Insley.  It speaks of heaven - where no division, bigotry and hatred will exist and ask the listener to imagine what that would look like and feel like.  Our world is so divided - even in the church - and that is not the way Jesus wants us to live.  We don't have to wait until heaven to show love to our fellow man.  Psalm 133:1 says, "it is good and pleasant when brothers live together in unity."

Q:  And it's from your forthcoming new album.  Tell us more about this album.

Yes, "What Would Heaven Look Like" is the title cut from our new project.  Zion's Joy is continuing our mission to unite the world in praise with it's release.  All of the songs are originals, with many of them written by our group members and production/musical directors.  Other songs included are:  Continuous Praise, Celebrate, 'Tis So Sweet, God Alone, Always There For Me, God Can Make You Dance, Brand New Piece of Mind, Great Day, Precious Lamb of God, Tell Me What's On Your Mind, He's Calling You, and Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  We have some rich harmonies and deliver a unique brand of old and new school gospel/contemporary Christian music.

Q:  What are your hopes for your new album and your music?  How do you wish your music would impact God's kingdom?

Zion's Joy wants it's music to reach around the world.  We are trying to model what heaven would look like.  Our group is comprised of different cultures, generations, occupations, and denominations all working together to build the Kingdom.  Our ultimate goal is that people know and love God and each other.  Zion's Joy wants to #spreadthelove.


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