Author Ronnie Floyd Challenges Us to Pursue Health in Every Sphere of Our Lives

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Author and pastor Ronnie Floyd has released his new book, Living Fit: Make Your Life Count by Pursuing a Healthy You (B&H Publishing). Dr. Floyd is Senior Pastor of Cross Church (NW Arkansas) and President of the National Day of Prayer (that recently took place on May 3). 

In Living Fit, Dr. Floyd dispels the myth that our spiritual health should be considered separate from other aspects of our lives we tend to consider mundane. He argues the fact that our spiritual being is directly tied to our physical, financial, relational and emotional health - and vice versa. We need to intentionally pursue health in every sphere of our lives.

Q: Ronnie, thank you so much for your valuable time.  Let's start with yourself, tell us a little about yourself and your ministry.

I was born and raised in a small town in Texas. Neither of my parents graduated from high school due to World War II and its impact on their families, but both were hard workers and raised us in a Christian home. Through our very small church our family was a highly active part, the Lord changed my life and then called me into full-time Christian ministry. While I had always wanted to be a football coach, God determined to redirect my life towards ministry. Upon graduation from high school, I entered Howard Payne University, a small Baptist college, and it was there I met my wife Jeana. Upon both of us graduating from college, I entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I completed my Masters and Doctorate degrees from this institution.

Q: Why did you decide to write this new book about "Living Fit"?

I was compelled to help people to understand that their entire life is connected together. What happens in one area will impact another. This is why I presented what I have found to be true personally. Living life with a holistic view can raise each level in life as well as your entire life. I believe I have created a vision and strategy that will help people to be in a position to be all God wants them to be. You have one shot in your life. Be positioned to take your best shot.

Q: In this book, you discussed 5 types of fitness, what are they?

Living Fit Spiritually
Living Fit Physically
Living Fit Relationally
Living Fit Financially
Living Fit Emotionally

Q:  How are these five types of fitness related to each other?

Your personal fitness is impacted by your effectiveness in navigating through the challenge of being healthy spiritually, physically, relationally, financially, and emotionally. If you are unhealthy in any one of these specific areas, it will eventually impact the others and ultimately your entire you. God wants to create a healthy you!

Q: Out of these 5 areas, which area do you think most people struggle with the most? And why?

I think people struggle more with being healthy physically. People are very insecure about their bodies. Some Christians have forgotten or have chosen to forget the importance of physical health. The body God has given us and the entire composition of who we are created to be, will be impacted negatively or positively by our physical health. Of course, the same is true of each of the other areas. Therefore, it is very difficult to name one as the number one area of struggle.

Q: I love the line that says, "you cannot determine how long you live, but you can determine how well you live." How will this book help us live better?

It will teach you how to live your life to the fullest of who God has created you to be. It will motivate you to develop a biblical and fresh commitment to holistic health. It will help you to be positioned to be able to take your best shot.

Q:  What's your next for you? Are you already planning your next book?

Next for me is whatever God wants in my life. I am His. I am currently working on my next book. It is entitled, HOW TO PRAY. In 2019, it will have been twenty years since this book was released. Due to its success and the great need it addresses from a rookie in prayer all the way to a seasoned veteran in prayer, we are rewriting the book in an updated manner as well as adding some very helpful chapters that will take the book to an entirely different level. 

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