Dy'Jah Doucett Talks About Reaching the Nations & Bringing Healing with New Music

Dy'Jah Doucett

Urban inspirational teen recording artist, Dy'Jah Doucett, releases her new single, "Way Out," from her forthcoming debut project entitled "Save Me." A dramatic and abstract song, "Way Out" depicts the feeling of isolation and hopelessness often experienced as a result of varying life circumstances. Produced by Carlos Cahee (Migos, August Alsina, Lloyd, Gucci Mane, Sevyn Streeter), "Way Out" conveys to listeners that there is always hope, even in dark situations.

Growth and Ambition, two fundamental characteristics of Dy'Jah, are evident to listeners familiar with the teens former works. Although the young singer has received noteworthy acclaim for her previous singles, Dy'Jah has begun working with a new writing and production team in Houston and Atlanta to further enhance and develop her sound and abilities. Supporters will be well pleased at the complete body of work being created. 

Download "Way Out" at all music download and steaming outlets here:

Question: Dy'Jah thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself, tell us a little about yourself? 

Dy'Jah: My name is Dy'Jah and I'm 18 years old. I'm from Lake Charles, LA, and I'm an artist sharing my ministry around the world.

Question: How did the Lord first call you into the music and worship ministry?

Dy'Jah: The Lord call me to minister when I was 4 years old through spoken word. I performed my first poem in-titled "My name is Misty". It was about a three year old who suffered from physical and verbal abuse from her father. The audience was appalled at how well I re-enacted the poem! It was clear God had called me to minister! I continued doing poems until one day I came across a poem that had a piece of song in it. I begin to sing the piece and I made up in my mind that I wanted to use my voice as an instrument to heal all the broken people of this world and give God all the glory.

Question: Besides making your own music, do you lead music in your local church? What other roles do you serve in church? 

Dy'Jah: Yes, I'm a well rounded church member. I participate in most of the church choirs, I'm a member of the praise & worship team, and a member of the drill team. I also participate in many community activities around the area. 

Question: You have written a few songs and you have also won a few awards from 2017? TGMEA, How do you feel after being honored in such a wonderful way? 

Dy'Jah: I'm really just humbled by this whole experience. The feeling is indescribable I just thank  God daily for it all.

Question: You have a new single out. What is way out about? 

Dy'Jah: Way out simple says no matter what dark place you're in there will always be a way out no matter the circumstances and your way out is through God.

Question: Did you write this new song? And how did this song come about? 

Dy'Jah: Yes I am a co-writer on the song. It was introduced to me at a challenging time in my life and I immediately connected to it.

Question: You're also working on your new album. When is the album coming out? Who are some of the co-writers or producers or singers you are working with on this new record? 

Dy'Jah: Yes I am, my album is coming out in August. I work with a group of writers & producers which are: Ashley Perrymond, Nina Sims, The Press, Cancurr, and Isaac Robinson(writers) Carlos Cahee, Eddie Ferguson, and Isaac Robinson (producers).

Question: What's your hope for this new record? 

Dy'Jah: That it reaches nations and heals all the broken people of this world. I also hope that my audience will be able to connect with the lyrics on a personal level 

Question: Your new single speaks of how God provides a way out for us. Can you relate a time in your own life where you have experienced the Lord's deliverance. 

Dy'Jah: Yes, I believe God constantly shows me a way out on a daily basis. Sometimes I get discouraged and doubtful in certain areas of my life and He's always giving me opportunities that take all the doubts and fears away and I'm so thankful for that.



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