The Hyssongs Release New Album "Running the Race"

The Hyssongs

Southern Gospel trio The Hyssongs have just released their new album Running the Race. The ten message-driven songs on this album demonstrate the skillful family harmony that the Hyssongs are known for. "Great Big God" reminds us that there's nothing God can't do, regardless of how big we feel our needs are.  

"You've Been So Good" is a song of thanks for all that God has done for us. The classic "'Til The Storm Passes By" is a favorite that's easily recognizable, with a tune and a message that continue to resonate today. Enjoy these songs and more with the Hyssongs on "Running The Race."  

Since they began their full-time music ministry in 2001, Dell, Susan and Richard have performed across the United States, Canada and even further abroad, bringing their inspiring sounds to a diverse audience. Dell Hyssong says, "I think the goal on this CD that's called 'Running The Race' is to encourage people to do just that. We want them to start well, but we also want them to finish well in their Christian life."

The Hyssongs' first number one song was written by Kenna West and Lee Black, and that pair of writers teamed up with Sue C. Smith to write "Anytime's A Good Time." Dell says, "Sometimes you think about Paul and Silas down in the prison. What did they do? Some of us would be moaning and groaning and complaining. They were praising the Lord. This song reminds us that anytime's a good time to praise the Lord and that's exactly what we ought to be doing."

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