Bob Hasson Releases "Business of Honor" with Danny Silk

Bob Hasson

Successful CEO and leadership consultant Bob Hasson has teamed up with renowned, Loving on Purpose co-founder Danny Silk to release their first book together, The Business of Honor: Restoring the Heart of Business. Silk, who is on the Senior Leadership Team of both Bethel Church in Redding, CA and Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA  and  the author of five books, including Keep Your Love On and The Culture of Honor, has been a long time friend of Hasson and saw the need to address the concept of honor within business.

The book's premise is simple but compelling, according to Hasson and Silk, operating with honor in business is essential if we hope to achieve not only sustainable profits but also a life with meaningful and rewarding work, relationships, career, and legacy. Hasson and Silk define honor as "the art of stewarding relationships well" and lead the reader on a journey to understand how to do that. It begins with walking in a healthy identity, from which the reader learns to build healthy, honoring relationships and ultimately lead in fostering an honoring culture in the work environment.

Business is all about relationships, and every day at work presents us with a choice- Will we fight for free-free connections with our team members, employees, vendors and customers for the sake of our mutual success? Or will we default into self-protection and self-serving and then participate in a relational culture of disconnection, ask Hasson and Silk.

This is the choice between honor and dishonor, contends The Business of Honor, and it flows from from our hearts and core beliefs about people. 

In The Business of Honor, Bob Hasson and Danny Silk lay out a pathway for living with a heart of honor in business, from receiving identity, to investing in healthy relationships and taking the lead in building honoring culture in business and organizations.

"My goal with The Business of Honor is simply to help people cultivate relational courage in their lives and overcome the fear and hangups that hold them back." comments Hasson.

The book has already garnered praise from the likes of Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One-Minute Manager and co-editor of Servant Leadership in Action. "The Business of Honor is a book after my own heart. Why? Because I'm a firm believer that leaders should serve first and lead second. When leaders are humble and vulnerable in front of their people, it creates a two-way bond of trust. When people are empowered to bring their brains to work, they feel safe, relationships flourish and results follow," Blanchard states.

"Bob Hasson has got it right when he says "trust, safety and belonging" are the fruit of serving well. Read this book, apply it's lessons and you will be a better leader," Blanchard continues.


The Business of Honor is full of warm and personal stories from Hasson's own life and business, as well as transformative wisdom and powerfully fresh insights about the effect of the culture of honor within business structures. The book is a must read for anyone in leadership, business or the marketplace.

Bob Hasson is currently conducting a series of TV, radio, podcast, blog and print interviews talking about the new book, and participating in speaking engagements with Danny Silk across the nation.

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