Author Teresa Shields Parker Lost 250 Pounds By Being Hungry for God

Teresa Shields Parker

In her fourth book, Sweet Hunger: Developing An Appetite for God, author Teresa Shields Parker shares truths from Scripture about how it is possible to replace the desire for unhealthy foods with hunger for God.

Parker knows about weight loss. After losing 250 pounds, which she detailed in her 2013 memoir, Sweet Grace - a longstanding #1 Christian Weight Loss memoir on - she has become a sought after Christian weight loss coach, author and speaker.    

"For years I craved sweets and comfort foods," she said. "When I was lonely, tired, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, stressed or even happy, my first reaction was to run to my drug of choice. My god had become my stomach. God was not on the throne of my life."

In order to lose 250 pounds and keep it off, Parker explains the key was not a specific diet as much as it was placing God back in His rightful place as her Lord, Master and King. "I had to let Him lead me every step of the way. God's heart's desire is that we all come closer to Him."

Parker said she got the title and the idea for Sweet Hunger shortly after she wrote Sweet Grace. "God began shining His spotlight on the stories in the Bible relating to food and the point He was trying to get through to us in each of them. It's amazing how many Biblical stories involve food."

Those she shares in Sweet Hunger speak to the readers about what is holding them back from loving God with their whole being and then, loving and taking care of themselves. "Life is not just about feeding my cravings, it is about stepping into the assignment God has for me, not eating whatever I want, whenever I want," she added.

This study will relate not just to the stronghold of food, but any addictive behavior including drugs, alcohol, sex, lying, cheating, overspending, gambling, pornography or just plain old rebellion.

Sweet Hunger is available now in both softcover and ebook formats at Amazon, iTunes and other ebook distributors. Designed for personal Bible study, the nine lessons, questions and activities in Sweet Hunger can also be used for groups. Her official website also features nine Sweet Hunger video teachings and a free Sweet Hunger Leader's Guide.

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