New Inspirational Movie "Cold November" Releases March 23

Cold November

Monument Releasing announced today the theatrical release of the award-winning, coming-of-age film Cold November starring newcomer Bijou Abas, Karl Jacob (Pollywogs, The Dictator), Anna Klemp (Blue Sky, In an Instant), and Heidi Fellner (In Harm's Way, Planetfall).

Written and directed by Jacob, this beautiful story of family tradition follows a young girl's experience as she transitions from childhood to adulthood. The film made its world premiere at CPH PIX 2017 and won the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2017 Indie Memphis Film Festival. Cold November is the second in Jacob's planned trilogy of films spotlighting the unique culture of northern Minnesota.

Monument will release the film in theaters March 23, 2018, starting with showings in Minnesota, where the film was shot.
Deep in the wilderness of rural middle America, 12-year-old Florence (Abas) is eager to undergo the rite-of-passage of her first deer hunt. A tradition passed down through many generations of women in her family, the act of killing a deer symbolizes the transition into adulthood. As Florence is taught how to shoot a gun and skin a deer, she gains a deeper understanding of life and death. When Florence finds herself alone during a hunt, however, expectations dissolve into chaos as she must rely on her instinct and training to follow through with her decisions, pull herself together, and face becoming an adult.

"The themes of tradition and family were very important for me in making this film," said Jacob. "Drawing on my own personal experience of killing my first deer at age 11, this story is a personal one and my family played a big role in making this film - we shot the film on family-owned land during deer hunting season in Minnesota. My hope for the film is that it gives viewers a contemplative, touching story of a girl transitioning out of childhood." 

Ryan Kampe, President of Monument Releasing, stated "We love to see underrepresented communities on screen and are very glad to have discovered Karl's film, which shines a light on a female-focused hunting community in Minnesota. Having gone to college in the area, it was amazing to see someone so accurately represent life outside of metropolitan areas." 

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