Country Singer Jimmy Wayne Challenges Churches to Foster Children

Jimmy Wayne

Country music singer Jimmy Wayne wants churches across America to step up and help the hundreds of thousands of children in the foster care system.

Wayne himself has been homeless and grew up in and out of the foster care system after his stepfather attempted to shoot him in the head in his youth. However, an elderly Christian couple came into his life as a teenager to help turn his life around which he details in his 2014 book Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way

"If someone has an extra room in their house, help a kid," Wayne said. "If you have extra money, donate it to an organization that's helping these kids transition into adulthood. If you don't have money, you have time." 

"We need all of them to get involved to help these kids who are living right around the corner," Wayne said.

Wayne, who has shared his story at churches, has tried to help congregations start foster care programs. He has encouraged members to take the necessary training to become foster parents or provide respite or other wraparound services for foster families. While congregations listen, they don't always follow through, Wayne said.  

"Churches say, 'Well, I'm not called to do it.' Well, you are called to do it. It's in Scripture. You don't get to pick and choose," Wayne said.


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