Award-Winning Docudrama "MULLY" Helps Children Find Forever Families with New Adopt-A-Theater Initiative


Dr. Charles & Esther Mully, the compelling real-life subjects of the award-winning docudrama "MULLY," and parents of the "World's Largest Family" (over 12,000 orphans), will receive the prestigious "Friend of Adoption" Award from the National Council for Adoption (

The award is presented annually and given in recognition of significant contributions made to the field of adoption by an individual or organization, and will be given in conjunction with a private Wash. D.C."MULLY" film premiere at the Burke Theater, Wednesday, Nov, 8.

The "MULLY" film is changing the world, just as the real life "Mully's" are doing every day.  The film, distributed by FOR GOOD., garnered a special encore screening in U.S. cinemas on Nov. 9, after three strong initial play dates with growing audiences each night.  The film's initial launch had high success, ranking at the top of the box office and scoring a #1 per-screen average attendance on the third play date.

Due to this attendance success and through the unique ambassador initiative, FOR GOOD. has partnered with over 40 organizations and will be at 150 theater sites across 23 states, covered by an ambassador team for this Thursday's Nov. 9 encore.

With the initial October theatrical release of the "MULLY" film across 800 theatres, organizations throughout the U.S. promoted their work at the local theaters and successfully connected 10,000 moviegoers with an ambassador from a local organization.  The film launch resulted in unprecedented interest and numerous individuals and families have been inspired to start the process of fostering and adopting children, which the current and future work continue to accomplish.

With "MULLY" and its nationwide influence to bring awareness to the near half a million children in foster care in the United States (100,000 of those children legally without parents), FOR GOOD. is bringing the adoption ambassador initiative back to theaters on Thursday.

About "MULLY"

"MULLY" is produced and directed by Scott Haze ("Child of God," "Only the Brave," "Thank You For Your Service"). Executive Producers include Academy Award-winning producer James Moll ("Foo Fighters: Back and Forth" "The Last Days"), John Bardis, and Paul Blavin, alongside producers Lukas Behnken of Sterling Light Productions, and Elissa Shay. Golden Globe and Emmy Award®-nominee Benjamin Wallfisch ("Blade Runner 2049," "12 Years A Slave") composed the feature's powerful musical score.

FOR GOOD. is the Emmy-winning, Oscar® and Grammy Award®-nominated production company behind the project. Committed to harnessing the power of exceptional art to inspire hope, compel action and igniting lasting impact, FOR GOOD. is led by Paul Blavin, Executive Producer of the award winning documentary "The Hunting Ground," and the Emmy Award-winning original song "Til It Happens to You," written by Diane Warren and performed by Lady Gaga. FOR GOOD. has partnered with numerous creative talents to bring "MULLY" to audiences in partnership with Fathom, sharing its bold and unwavering vision for a better world.



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