Central Music Speaks of Their Upcoming Worship Album "Hope Rising"

Central Music

On November 17, Central Music will partner with Dream Records to release their brand new album Hope Rising.  Central Music is made up of a team of people from one church, in many locations. They have decided several years ago that they wanted to be a church that truly leans into worship. The heart of Central Music is to bring people and others into the presence of God through music. They do this through Nights of Worship, their Weekend Services, and writing/recording original worship songs.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Tell us a little about Central Christian Church?

Central Christian Church start in 1959. Central is rich in legacy and heritage, but has done a great job adapting over the years for future generations. Here at Central, we see around 10k+ people attend across 5 campuses here in the Valley of the Sun. 

Q:  Central Music, I believe, is the worship department of the church.  How many musicians, worship staff and worship leaders comprise Central Music?

Our worship staff is made up of 5 people, we have 50+ vocalists/worship leaders at every level of age and experience, as well as 40+ musicians. It's a big family!

Q:  You have a new album coming out with DREAM Records.  How did you get to work with them?

We were connected by our good friends at Gat3 Studios in Charlotte, NC. They've been great to work with! 

Q:  Let's talk about "Hope Rising."  There are countless worship records out there.  What makes this album special?

One of the things we say on our team is "One Church. Many voices." This album is a window into the heart of our team and church! I believe this album is special for Central but will also be a huge blessing to anyone who hears it. 

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

Our last writing retreat was probably the highlight for most of the team. We got away with 14 of our writers and locked ourselves away in a cabin. It was powerful to spend time camped around these songs and the name of Jesus. 

Q:  In writing your own songs, what are your criterion for what you would consider a great worship song?

We work really hard as writers to dig deep when writing. These 10 songs were chosen for this album out of close to 40 songs. We focus on making sure we're writing songs that are singable and approachable. At Central, we also really believe in singing scripture. A lot of these songs are taken straight from the bible. The song "Psalm 23", almost completely word for word. 

Q:  How do you inspire your team to write quality worship songs?

We try to write from where we are in the moment. Some of these songs came out of great personal triumph and some out of great loss. We also try to match the pace of our Church and where we feel God is leading us forward as a family.

Q:  Many of your songs emerge out of Scripture. How important is the Bible to song writing?

This is everything for us. The theology in our songs is crucial when writing. We work with our Pastors to make sure that we are communicated exactly what we intend to. 

Q: What is your hope for this new record?  How do you hope this album would impact the lives and faith of your listeners?

I truly believe that this album is going to be a blessing to anyone who hears it. These songs were written from valleys and mountain tops. It's relatable, approachable, and singable. We pray that is blesses you! 

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