Ted DiBiase Explains How He Turned from Professional Wrestler to Ordained Pastor

The Price of Fame

Ted DiBiase is known by scores of fans as the "Million Dollar Man" - the larger-than-life character that helped launch pro-wrestling into the international spotlight and one of the greatest villains in pro-wrestling history. But the price of fame took DiBiase away from his family into an egocentric world of self-fulfillment and desire, where he spiraled out of control. In the documentary, "The Price of Fame: The Story of Ted 'Million Dollar Man' DiBiase," audiences will witness DiBiase's story and learn about his inspiring search for meaning, which changed him from a self-absorbed, jet-setting wrestler into a devoted Christian, family man and ordained minister.

Fathom Events and Engage Media Partners present "The Price of Fame" in U.S. cinemas for special one-night event on Tuesday, November 7 at 7:00 p.m. local time.

Q:  Ted, thanks for your time.  How did you become "The Million Dollar Man"? 

The Million Dollar Man was the personal idea of Vince McMahon, the CEO of the WWE. He chose me for the role, as this character. 

Q:  What were the some of the trappings of fame and money that you experienced? 

The trappings of fame and money are whatever you make them. In the end, it is all about personal choice. It was the lack of character and integrity in my life that allowed me to CHOOSE the wrong path.  

Q:  What caused the change from a professional wrestler to an ordained pastor?  How did you meet Christ?

The change from wrestler to minister didn't happen overnight. I believe God allowed me to have everything the world has to offer, just to show me how meaningless those things really are. At a time when I had more fame and money than I ever thought I would have, I failed as a husband and father. After confessing a number of things to my wife, seeking her forgiveness, and seeking God's forgiveness, things began to change. I returned to the values of my youth. It's a journey that started in March of 1992 and by January of 2000 saw me step away from wrestling and surrender to full-time evangelism. I met Jesus a long time ago when I was a little boy, but I abandoned him for the world from the age of 18 to 38. I came back to Him, and surrendered my life to Him in 1992.  I now take the gifts, skills, and fame, he allowed me to have, and use them to serve HIS purpose, not mine.

Q:  What are some areas of change Christ brought into your life?  

  Following Christ has changed the way I think about everything. The most important thing in my life now is my relationship with Jesus, then the relationship with my wife and family, and finally, my job. Before the change, my job, my career, was at the top of the list. I have learned how to become a "servant" husband and father. I've found that the more I serve my family, the happier I am. There is nothing more precious to me now, than the time I get with my family.

Q:  How did Christ change the way you see money?

 I didn't become the Million Dollar Man because of how I viewed money. As far as how I view money in light of my faith in God, well, I certainly don't put a lot of faith in it.  Many people totally depend on money and what they have for their security. I have learned to depend on God for my security. Yes, I still go out and make money to live. But I don't depend on it as the answer to all of my needs. There are some things money just can't buy. Money can't buy: character, integrity, peace, hope, or true love. The Bible doesn't say money is the root of all evil. It says, THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil. I would have to agree.

Q:  How did Christ change the way you understand relationships? 

 Relationships are what it's all about. The very difference between GENUINE Christianity and every other world religion is this: we are not a religion. We are a RELATIONSHIP. If you don't walk in a personal, intimate, relationship with Jesus Christ, you aren't a real Christian. You are just practicing religion, walking through a number of rituals. The other thing I've learned is that the more interest I take in the needs of the people I have relationships with, the more I'm blessed.

Q: Why did you feel inspired to tell your story through this movie?

 The original idea to tell my story through a movie was Peter Ferriero's. He had interviewed me for a friend, and in answering the questions about my personal life, in that interview, Pete heard about my relationship with Jesus Christ. It had an impact on his life and we became friends. He then approached me with the idea of doing the movie. Three years later, here we are. 

Q: What can our readers get out of this movie?

I hope your readers can take away from my movie these things: All the money, cars, houses and fame in the world, won't ever fully satisfy you. All of those things only satisfy for a short time. What's really important in life? What will really bring you happiness and peace in your life? FAMILY & FRIENDS and most importantly, GOD! I'm asked all the time if I'm really the Million Dollar Man. The answer is no. But what I do have is much more valuable. I have the love and respect of my wife, children, and friends. And, I have the privilege and joy of watching my grandchildren grow up!



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