Karen Peck and New River Celebrate 18th #1 Song

Karen Peck & New River

Karen Peck & New River joined a host of artists and industry professionals to celebrate Gerald Crabb's 25th number one at BMI, hosted by Daywind Music, for the group's hit song "I Choose Christ". The popular song took the #1 spot in the July 2017 issue of the Singing News Top 80 chart. In addition, the song held the #1 position on the Top 40 Weekly Chart for seven weeks. This song marked the 18th number one for Karen Peck and New River in its storied history.

Karen stated, "We are extremely grateful for the response of 'I Choose Christ.' Thanks to the writers, Gerald Crabb, Sue C. Smith, and Jason Cox, for saying exactly what we all want to say. This is the last radio single from our Pray Now project, and it's a great song to sum up this particular season in our ministry. 'I Choose Christ' will always be our anthem. Congratulations to Gerald Crabb for this being his 25th #1 song, Sue C. Smith for her 15th, and Jason Cox for his fifth."

Gerald Crabb said, "This is one of the most awesome surprises that I have ever experienced. Thank you to Daywind, thank you to radio, thanks to all of the artists, and all the writers I have co-written with through the years. Special thanks to all of you who sing and listen to my songs."

Sue Smith added, "It was such an honor to write this song with Gerald Crabb and Jason Cox and then to have Karen Peck and new River record, it just couldn't get any better than that. I'm so grateful to Daywind and Rick Shelton and all the people at Daywind for every chance I get to write with them. Thank you to Leslie Roberts at BMI for a beautiful celebration today."

The party hosted a bevy of industry professionals, such as Jackie Patillo (President of the Gospel Music Association)Ed Leonard (Daywind Music Group)Wayne Haun (Dove Award-winning producer)Ed Harper (Harper Agency)Leslie Roberts (BMI), songwriters Sue C. Smith, Kenna West, and Aaron Wilburn, and friends of the group The Freemans, Weston Hinson Family, and many more!

Karen Peck & New River's journey has spanned over 26 years and featured award-winning singles such as "Four Days Late," "Finish Well," "On the Banks of the Promised Land," "Last Night," "Hold Me While I Cry," and "I Wanna Know How It Feels," among many more.

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