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Dr. Charles M. Mully"father of the world's largest family," is the inspiring entrepreneur who was abandoned at the tender age of 6 and survived insurmountable odds to become not only one of the most respected humanitarians, but a multi-millionaire business owner and educator on the continent of Africa. His inspiring, true story, "MULLY," hits movie theaters nationwide for three consecutive nights on Oct. 3, 4 and 5 at 7:00 p.m. local time via Fathom Events and features interviews with Charles Mully and his wife, Esther, captured exclusively for this cinema experience.

Dr. Mully has dedicated the past 27 years and all of his resources to rescuing abandoned children from poverty in the slums of Kenya. He and his wife Esther take these children into their home as their own. In the process they have created the "world's largest family" in Mully Children's Family (MCF) - a charitable organization founded in 1989 that is dedicated to saving the lives of children. MCF is making a difference through rescue, holistic rehabilitation and reintegration to contributing members of society.

Since its inception, MCF has helped to transform the lives of over 12,000 children from a state of homelessness to respected family members and business owners. Known as "Daddy Mully," Charles remains personally connected to his cause and the many lives he has touched. Presently, MCF cares for and educates over 2,700 children ranging from newborns through 23 years old. A father to the fatherless, he has given hope to more than 670,000 youth through his bold decision to dedicate his life, personal wealth and time in rebuilding lives of thousands of vulnerable children at risk, teenage mothers, victims of gender based violence, and marginalized communities.

 Filmed on location in Kenya, Africa, which is both the emotional and cinematic backdrop for the docudrama, "MULLY" takes audiences on the journey of one man who has personally experienced each remote edge of that spectrum, from the deepest depths of poverty to becoming a burning fire of hope in Kenya's dark night. Dr. Mully's life story is an extraordinary testament to the power of hope and determination that will resonate with all mankind.


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