Konata Small Releases New Single "Hold Some"

Konata Small

Formerly known as Rhema Soul member K-Nuff, Konata Small re-emerges with "Hold Some," the opening track from his forthcoming solo debut Est. 1997, to be released on RMG Amplify in partnership with Good City Music. The single's lyric video dropped on June 16 and can be found here
Small opens up about his transition to becoming a solo artist, rapping, "Guess I was a problem now I ain't / 'Cause ain't nobody checking me / Was standing in the middle of my circle / Now I'm standing alone / Man it's deep." 
He admits "Hold Some" was the first song he wrote in studio alone. "Sometimes, God wants us to be alone to get our attention just to show us that we are actually not alone," he says. "'Hold Some,' was written during that type of season." Produced by Al Cres, the song buzzes with moog synths and peaks with the energy of a hip hop-inspired, action movie theme score as Small conveys his commitment to elevate hip-hop's lyrical content.
Three other singles have been released from Est. 1997, "High Top Fade," "Numbers" and "O Lawd." As a member of the acclaimed Christian hip-hop trio Rhema Soul, Konata Small released five albums from 2007 to 2013. Their last three sets, FingerprintsRed, and Dope Beats, Good News Vol. 2, reached the Top 40 on Billboard's Top Albums chart.

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