Richard Davis releases uplifting new single, ‘Thirst 4 You’

Richard Davis

New music from Richard Davis  is currently impacting radio. The uplifting "Thirst 4 You" is available now on all digital outlets. The song is the first single released by emerging label, Jonre Music Group (JMG). 

"Thirst 4 You" is an energetic song that will catch the ears of listeners with its bouncy, spirited beat. But make no mistake, the song is squarely focused on its uplifting message. "Heavenly father, open up heaven, send down your latter rain," the chorus says, as Davis invites the quenching rain that will satisfy his thirst and those of his listeners. 

Known for being a consummate worshipper, Davis steps out with a song that will appeal to a broad audience while it touches and encourages them. It is clear that Davis sings from his heart and soul to deliver a life-altering message of hope and faith. 

"Richard has worked extremely hard on this project and we are excited about the impact it will have," says Lyn Johnson, CEO of Jonre Music Group. "Thirst 4 You: is available at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other digital outlets. For more information on Richard Davis, visit

Connect with Richard Davis at:Facebook: RichardTDavisMusic Instagram: RTDavis Twitter: Richard T. Davis

In 2006, Richard Davis released his debut CD, All Your Glory. His sophomore album, Purity was released in 2014. His Christmas single, "Christmas Gift" was widely acclaimed. Davis is Vice President/Director of Artist Relations at Jonre Music Group. He is the Director of Worship and Arts at Strong Tower Ministries in Fredericksburg, VA, where Pastor Jeffery Smith is the lead pastor.

Jonre Music Group (JMG), is an emerging label that is home to vocalists, Gospel and Christian instrumentalists. Lyn Johnson, CEO and Founder has set out to bring about change for many of today's talented musicians who may not been able to secure record deals as artists, although they can stand toe-to-toe with their mainstream peers. JMG artists include Richard Davis, Merlon Devine, Mo' Horns, Nicole Neely and comedian Turketta "Ketta" Keet. 

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