Mark Hoggard of The Harvesters Quartet Undergoes Open-Heart Surgery

Mark Hoggard

Mark Hoggard of The Harvesters Quartet will be undergoing open-heart surgery to repair several blockages on Thursday, April 20, 2017. This procedure was deemed necessary after they performed a heart catheterization yesterday.

Cards of support and encouragement may be sent to the following address:

Mark Hoggard
1314 Wakelon Rd.
Colerain, NC 27924

The Harvesters' Quartet was organized in 1953, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The original members were: Pat Patterson, Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Hershel Wooten and David Reece.  Over the years, The Harvesters became one of the top gospel groups in the nation.  They disbanded for a while and later were reorganized by Bill Hefner, who sang with the group, until he ran and was elected to the U.S. Congress, representing the 8th District of North Carolina. 

Personnel has changed over the years, but the group has always worked to maintain the sincerity and dedication handed down to them, never forgetting their responsibility to their God and their friends.  The Harvesters Quartet is comprised of a group of outstanding musicians who strive for excellence in their concert appearances.  

They are known for their friendliness, teamwork, dedication and perseverance as they all strive to fulfill God's potential for their lives.  Most importantly, they have a keen sense of responsibility to present a program that is uplifting and inspirational.  Another trademark of the Harvesters is to strengthen their faith and that of all concert attendees, whom they refer to as their, "Christian family" as they share the joy and hope of God's plan of salvation for our lives.  

During their concerts, the audience shares in some entertaining, light-hearted moments; however the focus of their ministry is firmly established in the joy of the acceptance of Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior while delivering His Word of salvation and encouragement.  Their message encourages us all to incorporate in our daily Christian walk, faith, patience, prayerfulness and thankful hope until the return of Jesus Christ. 



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