Garry Kean Releases New Album "Press"

Garry Kean

DREAM Worship is pleased to announce the release of Press by artist and worship leader, Garry Kean.  Press, which is part worship part pop, the songs reflect the Sunday morning worship experience, but also songs about daily life-the struggles and victories-the highs and the lows-always resolving us toward the fact that we serve an amazing God who is able to redeem our failures and take us to new and exciting heights.

"When I first began writing for this album my hope was to write songs that encompassed my daily walk as a believer. I wanted these songs to not only reflect the corporate worship I love being a part of for a few hours on Sundays, but also songs that would encompass and reflect my faith journey every day of the week." - Garry Kean

Check out his music video for "Press":

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Press track listing:

  1. Press
  2. Worship In My Car
  3. Lost In LA
  4. Soul Searchin'
  5. Love Barged In
  6. Where Grace Has Been (feat. Christine Dente)
  7. Carry Me
  8. Open Arms Of Love
  9. Why We Worship
  10. Take Me Back
  11. I Will Live For You
  12. Faithful Age To Age (feat. Marianne Adams)
  13. It's Time
  14. Whisper To My Heart
  15. Never Let Go

For more information about Garry Kean visit their website and



Garry Kean was born in Toronto, Canada and began ministry at the young age of 12. He married his wife Brenda at the age of 20 and the two set off into full-time ministry touring across Canada and the United States. After moving to Nashville, Garry continued to record, tour, and write songs for himself as well as for other artists. Garry's writing styles range from worship to pop-rock and from country to kids' music. Garry worked on staff at a local church in Nashville where he led worship, worked with youth and kids, and led many international missions teams.

Today, Garry and his family live in Nairobi, Kenya where they have planted Jacaranda Christian Fellowship and are the founders of an international charity, which primarily serves women and children in the slums of Nairobi ( Garry returns to North America several times a year to write, record, and tour.

Garry has worked in television, both behind and in front of the camera. He was part of the creative force behind an internationally aired television series and was the creator of the award-winning The WhimbliesTM Christmas television special. His experiences include concerts, music festivals, conventions, leading worship, performing in public schools, and speaks and teaches regularly.

Garry has written and directed several musical stage productions and has written songs for contemporary recording artists such as SierraAcquire the FireCarried Away, Natalie Grant and a 20th Century Fox children's animated video series, The Roach Approach.



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