Soul Purpose's Judy Clapsaddle has Passed Away

Judy Clapsaddle

Southern Gospel music Soul Purpose's Judy Clapsaddle has passed away earlier today. Last week, Clapsaddle had an emergency surgery. She was septic and unable to breathe. They said her organs were in failure. They could not give anesthesia due to her already severely low blood pressure. 

Her daughter Misty informs: "Thank you SO much for all of your prayers, love and support throughout this difficult journey. At shortly after 2:00 this morning, after fighting long and hard, Mommy received the healing we have all been praying for. With family at her bedside and "We Will Meet Again" (sung by Soul Purpose Quartet) being played in the background, we all sang Mommy through to Glory. Dad was so concerned about taking the situation back from God, but I told him that years ago God walked her down the aisle to him and now he has the opportunity to walk her down the aisle to Him...To fully give her over to His care. Man may plot his own steps, but they truly are determined by the Lord. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers. We love you Mommy and will miss you TERRIBLY, but OH what that Heavenly choir must sound like now with your beautiful voice singing harmony! See you later and keep the chairs open at the table for us.??"

Judy Clapsaddle has been the visionary behind Soul Purpose.  Her desire to be a part of gospel music began with her music ministry in a girl's trio called the Joy Belles in 1964, singing at the original "Teens For Christ Convention".  This year, she celebrates 52 YEARS of service in gospel music and the group couldn't be more proud of her accomplishment.  She has an amazing passion for southern gospel music that has been echoed throughout her family.  She and her husband, Don vowed to raise their family in the church and have been fortunate to see each one in their family come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  One of Judy's proudest moments was realized when Soul Purpose formed.  She feels very blessed to be singing along side of her family and wouldn't trade it for the world!  Judy and Don are the proud grandparents of three wonderful grandchildren - Justin (21), Ashley (16) and Christopher (13).

In addition to doing a fabulous job singing the baritone part for the group, Judy wears many other hats as well.  She coordinates the group's wardrobe, handles all bookings and finances for the group, makes the fabulous "sammiches" and "sweet tea," acts as the backup travel atlas (if the GPS breaks down, no worries - Judy's got it covered and doesn't even require batteries!), and ties up all of the loose ends for the group's travel needs.  I guess once you're a "mama," you're always a "mama."

Judy is retired from the banking and monument business and looks forward to many more years in service to the King! 



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