Hillsong Live Returns in July with their New Album "No Other Name"

Hillsong Live

At the annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia in July 2014, Hillsong Live will be releasing their 21st worship album entitled "No Other Name."  With the Australian church now setting up their church plant in New York City and with the Hillsong conferences now mushrooming in the US, it's quite natural that their new album cover will feature the words "No Other Name" in a black and white background of New York's Times Square skyline. The album is already preceded by their lead single "Calvary."  

In line with all their other releases, "No Other Name" is a live effort where songs were recorded across their services commencing as early as February of this year.  The album will again feature brand new songs written by the Hillsong team.  Titles, at the time of writing, include "No Other Name," "This I Believe (Creed)," "Calvary" and "Heaven and Earth."  And it will feature the familiar names of the Hillsong team including Autumn Hardman, Nigel Hendroff, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan, Simon Kobler, Joel Hingston, Harrison Wood, David Ware, Jad Gillies, Matt Crocker, Ben Whincop and others. 

If you can't wait for the release of the new worship album, the single "Calvary" is already available for downloads at iTunes.  Released over Easter to iTunes, "Calvary" is another anthemic worship ballad coming from the pens of worship pastor Reuben Morgan and CCM famed writer Jonas Myrin (Steve Curtis Chapman, Matt Redman).  The band posted on their website, "This Easter we wanted to bless people with a song from our upcoming album that has blessed our church so much!"  

Further, released through their official web site, "Calvary" is already released in French & Spanish titled "Le Calvaire" & "Calvario" respectively.  The band posted "Ya tenemos disponible la traducción oficial de "Calvary" en español." Also, on 17 April, Hillsong released the official lyric video through YouTube, featuring random shoots of people, showing that Jesus' sacrifice is for everybody.

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