Trinity United Church of Christ Celebrates God's Goodness In New Disc


Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III invites you to experience the majestic worship and pure praise of the music ministry of Chicago's iconic Trinity United Church of Christ, via their latest offering entitled Stay Connected. Recorded live in the Gospel Music capitol of the world, Chicago, Illinois, this 26 song, two-disc project encompasses the 400-plus voices of Trinity's music ministries, musicians, and dancers assembled in various aggregations, namely, the Women's Chorus, Men's Chorus, Sanctuary Choir, Youth Choirs, Voices of Trinity, and the Tribe of Judah ensemble. This CD is a truly entertaining adventure through African, Caribbean, and Afro-Brazilian sounds and rhythms, and fantastic gospel music and spirituals.

 It has been 15 years since their last musical release, but Stay Connected  is definitely worth the wait.  "Stay Connected sends a message that not only speaks about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also delivers a universal message of love, inspiration, and hope," said Bryan Johnson, Trinity's Director of Sacred Music.   According to Rev. Moss, "This Project was conceived as homage to the deep African American roots of Gospel Music, seeking to show the strong connection to African and Afro-Brazilian Sacred Music traditions.  I am incredibly proud of the journey we are able to take the listener through."

Stay Connected features production from Grammy- and Stellar Award-nominated producer A. Jeffrey LaValley (Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, Florida Mass Choir, Wilmington Chester Mass), Plu Harmon (Soul Children of Chicago), and Dr. Fred Onovwersouke. Songwriter contributions come from Cynthia Nunn, Joi Johnson, Kevon Carter, Calvin Bridges, Brenda Moore, and others. 

The lead single, God Is Good, has been warmly received by radio stations across the nation and hits digital outlets starting Sunday, January 15th.  Lead vocalists include Cynthia Nunn, Calvin Bridges, and Joe De Archiso Ocloo.  The full project hits all digital outlets on February 28th

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