HeeSun Lee Releases "Beauty for Ashes"

Heesun lee

Christian hip-hop artist, HeeSun Lee, has released her third album titled 'Beauty For Ashes.' In her third album release, HeeSun Lee makes her epic comeback to music with a bombastic wall of sound.

'Beauty For Ashes' starts out on full force of precise rap skills, hard-hitting beats, and flawless collaborations. With pumping tracks like "All Out," "Underdog," and "Losing Faith," any audience will gravitate to dance and lay back on the hype of the music. The title track lets HeeSun and her harmonious vocalists "Alia Akili" & "Dana Joe" experiment a refreshing direction that appeals to both rap and dance-pop audiences.

From bumping to the album's anthem tracks, she then, unapologetically reveals her emotional lyricism in tear-shedding songs like "I Love You, Daddy" within her ambient and groovy beats. 'Beauty For Ashes' concludes on the passionate theme of hope and finding the light in the darkness. The album is the first of being released independently but its progressive energy and hype will change the game of hip-hop for many years to come. 


01. Intro (See the Sun) [feat. Laquan Green]
02. All Out (feat. Ted Smith)
03. Beauty for Ashes (feat. Alia Akili & Dana Jo)
04. Underdog (feat. Sicily, Butta P & Wxnder Y)
05. In My Veins (feat. Lyricks)
06. Let Me Talk
07. Losing Faith (feat. Tan Brown)
08. Bloodlines
09. I Love You, Daddy
10. I'm with You (feat. Sam Ock)
11. Treasure (feat. Laquan Green) 

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