Hollis Creek Revival Offers Insights into Their Missions-Oriented New Album

Hollis Creek Revival

Hollis Creek Revival was formed in November 2014 by Kelley and Brad Jerkins. The trio currently consists of Kelley, Clint Singleton (bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar) and Jacob Patillo (banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar), though Jerkins often plays live shows and in the studio. Kelley named the band for his grandfather, Hollis Kelley. 

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Why did you call yourselves Hollis Creek Revival?

I named the band after my late grandfather Hollis Kelley. He was the patriarch of our family and I wanted to honor him and my father with this project.

Q:  How did all of you come together as a group? 

We met at a church in Dothan, AL. It was a startup church and we all came in to help get the worship and music up and running. We had all toured together with some of my solo albums. We have a comradery both personally and musically, so when I decided to start this band there was no one else I would rather do this with than this group of guys. 

Q:  Congratulations on your new record "In the River."  How would you describe your sound and style of music?  

I get that question a lot and every time I'm not too sure how to answer. I would say it is a little bit of folk rock and indie rock. 


Q:  I believe you've approached this album as a throw back of sorts to the vinyl days.  Tell us more about this. 

Yes. We wanted to do something different with this record. I wanted to get back to the basics and be honest with the music and the songs. We went with an A-side and a B-side much like they use to do with vinyl records. The A-side is more of a modern sound and feel, and the B-side is more of a vintage rustic sound. We tried not to over process the songs so not to compromise what we were trying to accomplish. On quite a few songs we recorded through older pre-70's gear so we could get that sound. We figured it we wanted a sound similar to what was used back then we might as well record on what they used back then. 

Q:  I love some of the song titles on the record, they are so intriguing.  What are "Violin" and "Weightless Yesterday" about? 

The B-side of the record gets a little more intimate and becomes a two-way conversation between God and us. The song "Violin" is about a street musician who feels as though he's not making a difference anymore. Are people really listening? Are they really enjoying it? Or is he just noise? Until a man comes along and sits and listens to him and then also has a violin and begins to play along with him. It is then that the musicians realized he is making a difference but it took the man playing with him to realize it. It is simply a metaphor of our lives. How without this man, God, what we are doing could seem meaningless, but with him everything makes since. He gives us strength and power.

As for the song "Weightless Yesterday" it is simply a song about how we carry too much on our own. So we ask God to help with a little of the burden. We find out not only does he help us but also he carries us and takes all of our burdens as his own.   

Q:  Why did you record the hymn "What a Day that will be"? 

This is a song that had to go on this record. This was my grandfather's favorite hymn. I wanted to record it with only the guitar and voices so that the weight of this song could be felt. It is so powerful and moving. When we recorded this song in the studio, and had finished the harmonies and we all sat in the control room to listen to the playback. When the song finished there was dead silence. And as we looked around everyone had tears in their eyes. You could feel God's presence there in the studio. It was pretty cool. 

Q:  Let's talk about your single "Wildfire."  What's the story behind this song?  

Yea so this entire project/album was birthed out of a desire to make a difference all over the world.  We wanted to make a record and then give all of the money we made to missions.  The song "Wildfire" was written from the perspective of a missionary out in the field. They leave their home for a calling and travel to an unfamiliar land where it can be scary and lonesome. But the gospel they carry is a 'spark' and when this spark ignites it creates a wildfire. The wildfire is the gospel and will reach and spread to the entire world. It is dedicated to our missionary friends all over the world and some of them appear in the music video.

Q:  For our readers who would like to know more about you or purchase your new music, where can they go?  

We created this project/album to be used for missions. We are giving all of the money we receive through the sale of this record and merchandise to missions. We have partnered with a non-profit called The Something Project, Inc. With the money raised through this record we are starting music schools in Central and South America. We are super excited about this and will be touring this album this year and all of next year. Our vision is to get an instrument and the gospel in the hands of children all over the world through these schools. We believe every child deserves the gift of music. So please join and help us make this a reality! Help us change the world through music! You can find our record anywhere music is sold online, or visit our website and social media pages: 

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