Interview with Worship Leader Daryl Boyer: "It's All About Submitting to (God's) Refining Process"

Daryl Boyer

Worship Leader Daryl Boyer is excited to announce recent release of his powerful and passionate new project, The Cleansing: A New Creation, A Brand New Identity, A Brand New Day. The Cleansing, is a result of a life changing encounter with God that Boyer experienced last Spring 2015 at a "Power and Love" Conference. Boyer, who is also the Worship Director and Youth Pastor at Christ Fellowship in Seaville, New Jersey was radically transformed while in the midst of recording the project. 

Q: Daryl, thanks for your time. Let's start with yourself, tell us a little about yourself and your ministry. 

I am a Worship Director, Youth Pastor, husband, and father to three beautiful daughters.  I am originally from Michigan but now reside with my family in South Jersey.  

Q: Congratulations on the release of your new album. Your album title is quite a mouthful: The Cleansing: A New Creation, A Brand New Identity, A Brand New Day. Can you explain to us the significance of the title? 

The title The Cleansing, is really the intro or summary to the bigger theme that is spoken about throughout the songs of the CD. The subtitle is meant to bring further clarity. I felt that God wanted me to express that Christ cleans us up and declares us a new creation, gives us a whole new identification in Him and gives a fresh hope in Him with each new day. It's all about submitting to the refining process, the process where Christ walks with us into the fire where He is able to make us into the man or woman He knows us to be. This is a process that we trust Him for and submit to daily, which is why with each new day we are made new, identified in Him, and called worthy of His righteousness and endless love.  

Q: What inspired you to record this album? 

I began a journey in June of 2014 that would change not only my life, but really my entire way of thinking about the Lord, reaching out to the people around me, and the content of the songs that I would write and share with others in the months ahead. While I was on vacation in June of 2014, The Lord began to show me that He wanted His church to get a greater understanding of what it means to be made new, to really truly be cleansed and refined in Him. Now at the time I had very little understanding myself what that actually looked like in its fullness. Yes, I had already had a relationship with the Lord, but did I really truly understand what that meant know the fullness of Gods cleansing process over my own life?   

Over the next few months God began to take me to scriptures in my time with Him that started to unwrap His heart for me in new ways. I began to now see all the things Christ wanted me to become through all He did on the cross in a way I had not seen or considered before. I began to see that I had been made a new creation that was given an authority to walk out the things God declared I could be. I began to see that becoming a new creation and becoming all that God had for me was about yielding and receiving., not about a 12 step striving process. 

 I finally began to understand that as I yield and fully surrender, it was giving God the permission to reveal His heart to me. In this season God began to clean away years of wrong thinking that focused on what I did wrong instead of who He said he had made me to be.  He showed me to focus forward and leave the past behind in the refining fire. 

In March of 2015, after attending a "Power and Love" conference with Todd White, Robby Dawkins, and Bob Hazlett, I had been given the full and life changing perspective on exactly what the Lord desired for my life.  I would charge forward in making the album The Cleansing, that would talk about the heart of God toward us and His refining process, a process that is fully life changing for all when we yield completely to His refining hand and stop striving to clean ourselves up.  

Q:  What are you most excited about this new record?  

I am most excited about what I have to say within the lyrics of the song. I feel that the overall message and theme of this entire record has so much to say to so many people. People need to be able to find real hope in who they are through Christ.  

Q:  Talk to us a little about your new single "King Jesus."  What's the song about and what's the inspiration behind it? 

The song "King Jesus" was one of the first new songs for this album. I felt that I needed to write a song that would really honor who God had shown himself to be in my own life. I knew that I waqnted  to convey that best way to honor God was through true surrender and submission of our lives to Him.  

The chorus line declares, "You are God and you are Grace, You're the reason for our everything. King Jesus You are holy in this place. Mighty God and matchless King, You're the ruler over everything. King Jesus You are holy in this place." The most powerful thing outside of submission in this song is the declaration of Jesus being holy in this place. This place is referring to our personal space, our heart, our spirit. When we realize that we are a temple of God's Holy Presence then our perspective of Who He truly is in and through us completely shifts to His greatness and His perfect grace. Only a Father with such boundless love, mercy, and grace would choose to make a home in us and love us through the process of really understanding we are His new creation. 

Q:  In your press release, you said that "worship is more than just a song, and is in fact a lifestyle."  What do you mean by this statement? 

We can all relate to the concept and action associating worship to a song that we sing on a given Sunday morning. Many of us could even say confidently that we have entered into worship with sincere hearts in that Sunday process. There is no doubt or question that our hearts have been sincere in those moments. However, there is something more I want to have people really consider. Many people would be surprised to learn that our first and most important purpose here on this earth is not for us. Instead, the truth is that we are here to bless others by representing the very character, teaching, and love of Jesus. We were created to be an expression of love to those around us, not to be turned inward to focus on only our own agenda in a given day. We are called to do all things as unto the Lord, This is the heart of worship. Your life lived for pointing to Christ in all you do. 

So even praise in the song service itself is an expression of our lives lived surrendered to Jesus. The focus of that praise experience is Jesus, we are just blessed in the process because our Father is always loving us. The tragedy is that most people do not realize that God is always wanting to connect and feel close to them if they will stay in a place of making each day a communing relationship with Jesus. The real worship is not how well we sing or point our focus toward the Lord for 20 minutes Sunday morning.  

The evidence and testimony of a true worshiper is that of laying down their life to be a life lived daily for Christ in all things, to find a reason to praise the Lord just simply because He is worth it and because He gave us a new life in Him.  A lifestyle of worship chooses to make each day and each moment point to the Father in heaven with all we do. Are we doing all things as unto the Lord, or for ourselves? We all must reach a place that answers that question in our lives. Are we truly submitted to Him, or are we hanging onto the remnants of self centered desires. My prayer is for believers to really get the truth and impact this can have in their lives when 100% is all submitted and cleared out for the Lord, rather than only a small corner spot. I challenge all believers to go all in everyday and see the change and difference they will experience in your life lived for Him. 

Q:  What are some practical ways we can make worship our lifestyle? 

The most practical advice to making your life become a lifestyle of worship is really the key concept of submitting and surrendering. The less we focus on ourselves and focus on Him, the more we will remain in His presence. If we are already talking and walking with him all through our day, then we will experience His peace and know that He is right there and already working to changing things in us and around us. God is never the one that pulls back and distances Himself from us. It is always wethat pull back by getting focused on ourselves far too deeply. We must learn to let self and pride find its  burial in our lives if we want to fully experience Christ more deeply. The question that matters most for us has to become one that asks if we are chasing the Father's heart with everything we have, or chasing our own desires. 

Q:   Speaking of King Jesus, can you relate a time in your life where you have felt His presence in a radical and fresh way? 

Every morning really in some measure. The truth is that I can not even imagine trying to make it through the day with out having a new and fresh overflowing experience with Him each and everyday. I wouldn't make it to 10:00 am without having serious issues start to become my major fixation. The biggest thing I have learned is to have an expectation of experiencing Him in greater and new ways with each morning that comes. The idea that He is the very breath that sustains me, drives me to know and trust that His perfect presence is my only hope in all that I face big or small. I can not stand to have any distance between me and the Lord, it is like leaving myself open to attack and heartache for sure. So for me if I feel I am slipping out of that closeness, that life is getting rocky and rough, or if I am feeling crushed or condemned at any moment... I run straight for Him and rest in His goodness and perfect presence. In Him I know that I am strong and am hidden and guarded in Him. He is my victory and is my rock!  



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