Sidewalk Prophets Record a Cover of the Eagles' "Desperado"

Sidewalk Prophets

Contemporary Christian band Sidewalk Prophets are fans of the Eagles.  To prove their love for the 70s pop-rock band, Sidewalk Prophets have recorded their own version of the Eagles' hit "Desparado," one of the new songs from Sidewalk Prophets' forthcoming covers EP. 

Only a few month back, Sidewalk Prophets have released Something Different. This third studio album from the band features 14 tracks, including their hit single "Prodigal," which is currently Top 5 on the AC Chart. Produced by GRAMMY® Award winning Seth Mosley, Something Different combines the diverse influences of gospel, pop, and rock and roll, built upon candor and honesty about where the band is, has been and is going.

"This is the most proud I've ever been to make music because we've poured everything we have into this project," explains the band's frontman Dave Frey."There are so many different people we've met on the road. So many lives, and they're all different. We're all separate people. We all have our stories, but it's the same God who connects us, and He is the something that makes us different."

Their prior albums Live Like That (2012) and These Simple Truths (2009) saw great success with singles like "Live Like That" and "You Love Me Anyway" topping Christian charts. A band known for spending more days on the road than anywhere else , they have always had a way of connecting with their audience on a personal level, ushering them into worship.  

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