Billy Graham One of the Most Admired Men of 2015

Billy Graham

Rev. Dr. Billy Graham is one of the most admired man in the US for 2015.  According to Gallup's top 10 list for "Most Admired Man" in the United States in 2015, Dr. Graham comes in at #10, placing him on the annual list a record 59 times.

Graham's eldest son, Franklin Graham, asserted in a Facebook post that his father's response would be: "'It's not about me - it's all about the Lord Jesus Christ.'"

"I remember years ago when he stood up to speak to a massive crowd of itinerant evangelists from around the world we had brought together for a conference - and they wouldn't stop applauding. He (Billy Graham) motioned for them to stop, but they wouldn't. He just kept quietly saying, 'He must increase, but I must decrease' (John 3:30). A good reminder to us all about what the focus of our lives should be," Franklin said.

Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted Dec. 2-6, 2015, with a random sample of 824 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.  

The Southern Baptist minister has been honored every year since 1955, with the exception of 1962 and 1976, when Gallup did not ask the question. Last year, he was ranked No. 4 on the list. The top 10 list for men includes three presidents (Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton), three current presidential candidates (Trump, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Dr. Ben Carson), and three religious and spiritual leaders (Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama and the Rev. Billy Graham). The only top 10 male finisher who doesn't fall into one of those categories is Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. 

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The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association announced in the 1990s that Graham had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Last month, Franklin spoke about his father's health, adding: "Even though he's not able to preach anymore, his mind is still clear. ... His desire is still there to tell the world about God's love for them and how God sent His Son, Jesus Christ from Heaven to Earth to take the sins of all mankind to the cross, die, and arise on the third day. My father's desire is that all men and women everywhere would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and trust Him and follow Him as their Lord."



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