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Tru Serva


Marcus Montana, known as Tru-Serva to his music audience, returns with a new album "Eyes Open" today.  The album is a combination of Hip Hop, EDM and Worship. Album features Jeff Deyo, Charmaine, Spencer Kane, Clinton Allen, Fresh IE, Sean Dayton & Brinson. 

Tru Serva is dedicated to praising God in a way that will appeal to mainstream urban youth. His ministry is marked by blending Christian Hip-Hop and Pop into a compelling musical mix that does not compromise God's message and Tru Serva's mission to bless His people. 


01. Intro #Eyes Open

02. Open Up My Eyes (feat. Nicole Moran)

03. Beloved Child (feat. Jeff Deyo)

04. Above The Clouds (feat. Clinton Allen)

05. No Chains (feat. Corey Hicks & Brinson)

06. Bounce

07. Like Glue (feat. Sean Dayton)

08. What We Waitin' For (feat. One8tea, Hour To Hope & Dawna Johnson)

09. Always (fea. Spencer Kane)

10. Worth It All (feat. Charmaine)

11. What About Love (feat. DiJohn)

12. In Only God We Trust (feat. Righteous Jonez & Tylyriq)

13. #HEDIDITFORME (feat. Ryan Daniel)

14. Super Human (feat. JP Roquet, Hour To Hope)

15. Zombies (feat. M.O.G., Apostle Paul & Calvin White)

16. Sewed Up (feat. T.R.I.G.G.A. & Fresh IE)

17. Revival (feat. Dawna Johnson)

18. Cling To You (feat. Mark Alan) 

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