Dr. Chevelta Smith Teaches Us How to "Push Out Our Dreams, Goals or Ambitions"

Chevelta Smith

Chevelta A. Smith, D.O., is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, pastor, marriage coach, educator, blogger and published medical author. Dr. Smith is a dynamic and powerful speaker, known for delivering the Word of God in a lively, non-traditional and dramatic way, and often uses her medical knowledge to dissect God's Word.  

Smith has just released her new book Can I Push? Understanding the Process to Delivering Your Purpose, available everywhere. In the book, Smith illuminates the truth that we were ALL - male and female - designed to birth out greatness of some kind. Dr. Smith helps readers understand when the time is right to push out that idea, dream or desire that has been inside of them, waiting to be born.  

Hallels: Dr. Smith, thanks for your time. Why don't we begin with yourself, tell us more about your profession?

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share. My name is Dr. Chevelta A. Smith. I am a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who has been actively practicing medicine for more than 9 years. Additionally, I have been an ordained elder for more than 12 years and pastored with my husband in New Jersey for 5 years before moving to Pennsylvania.

Hallels: What inspired you to write?

Honestly, now that I think about it, I've been writing throughout my life, in some way or another. Multiple things often prompted me to write. As a young person and a musician, I remember always writing poems, music, and songs. My dream, back then, was to be a famous recording artist. Singing love ballads was my passion. My teenage and young adult years were my Creative Writing years, which were mostly inspired by my love for music.

When I started medical school, however, something changed. It was during my first year, while listening to various professors' lecture, I had an epiphany regarding the very medical conditions I was learning about. It was a God-given revelation allowing me to discover that conditions occurring within the human body, also occurred in the Body of Christ, spiritually speaking. Viral infections, heart attacks, malnutrition, and so on-these medical/spiritual parallels became so apparent to me, that I became inspired to start writing a book about them. Unfortunately, I never completed it.

Years later, I began to write again, as a form of expression. It was my outlet and my way to release bottled up feelings. I was working on a fiction love story. Ironically, my then 12 year old son, Caleb, started pushing me to write consistently. He had started writing a book and wanted a writing buddy. From a writing buddy, he became my accountability partner. Caleb is an amazing creative writer. As a result of his pushing, encouragement, and feedback, he inspired me to want to take my writing seriously and to be consistent in completing what I started.

Hallels: Congratulations on your new book, "Can I Push?" Just very briefly, give us a synopsis of what the book's about?

Everyone was designed by God with greatness placed inside of them. This greatness, when manifested, is purposed to positively impact the lives of others and give them a new life of hope, joy, inspiration, change, and so on. Although some find the method to manifesting their purpose; many do not. Unfortunately, people who do not, spend their lives trying to push out dreams, goals, or ambitions that they were never intended to birth. Moreover, frustration and depression develop in many who are constantly trying to push out something that is not ready to be manifested or that is not even inside of them at the time they are trying to push.

'Can I Push?' is about understanding the process to delivering one's purpose. It was written to help individuals understand that timing is extremely important when it comes to pushing out your purpose. Moreover, understanding the process to positively identifying, growing, and developing the greatness within you is vital. Can I Push? gives a step-by-step approach to birthing gifts and dreams and, finding purpose through medical principles of reproduction, i.e., intercourse, pregnancy and delivery.

Hallels: What inspired you to write a book where you connect the birthing of God's purposes in our lives with the conception and the birthing of a child?

My inspiration for writing 'Can I Push?' developed approximately one year ago, after hearing a Sunday sermon and seeing a video post on Facebook. In the sermon, the preacher was talking about the birthing process. In the Facebook video, the person seemed to suggest that process is the same for everyone. Additionally, its main focus centered around the belief that every individual must go through a LONG process before he or she should expect to have certain things or tangible blessings. Both of these messages disturbed me. Why? Because, like many messages I'd heard regarding the birthing process or the process to one's purpose, these too were inaccurate. Although it's a great preaching topic, not everyone understands the medical process that takes place during labor and delivery or how general processes occur within the human body. Most can only speak from their personal experience or what they have observed in another.

My insight is unique and different. I'm a woman who has birthed 3 children; a pastor; a physician who specifically studied and trained in the field of obstetrics; and I had the opportunity to manage at least a thousand infant deliveries throughout my career. Spiritual processes within the Body of Christ cannot be truly understood if one does not understand how process works within the natural body. As a result, God revealed to me, that helping the Body of Christ, as well as others, to understand the medical/spiritual parallels was what He created me to do. God, then spoke to me and said, "The time for you to write about this is now!" The Holy Spirit instructed me to start with Conception, the beginning of the pregnancy process, and continue to the end. It was everything I studied in medical school. In obedience, I started writing 'Can I Push?' Understanding the Process to Delivering Your Purpose. A lot of people are talking about purpose, however I don't know of anyone who has really taken the time to explain, in detail, the process involved in identifying, developing, and manifesting it. This is the purpose of my book, 'Can I Push?'

Hallels: Many of our readers are men, so is this book for us too?

ABSOLUTELY! I am so glad you asked me this question. Although birth is naturally a female process and experience, spiritually speaking, men are also created to give birth. This is important for men to understand. More importantly, since men cannot be physically pregnant, they often don't understand the authentic process that takes place and leads to delivering new life. 'Can I Push?' is a tremendous tool to help individuals to understand the natural process of birthing new life, so that they may understand the spiritual process to birthing one's purpose, greatness, and dreams-which, in essence, creates new life. The book is filled with sections, called "Men's Perspectives," which give male insight to the various topics discussed. The book also contains pull out quotes and advice that are pertinent to every reader, regardless of gender.

Keep in mind, all individuals, both men and women, have greatness that God has placed inside of them to birth. Remember, birth simply involves manifesting something that was on the inside-outwardly. In the natural sense, it's a baby. Spiritually, what's on the inside awaiting birth may be an idea, a book, a ministry, an academic or professional goal, and so on. Men, similar to women, have these same aspirations. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO DELIVER!

Hallels: Why are people not birthing the gifts God has given to them? What are some of the main hindrances in this birth process?

Just like many medical and social conditions can affect the ability for one to have a baby, there are many reasons why people are unable to birth the gifts that God has placed in them. Interestingly, these medical hindrances parallel spiritual ones. Let's take for example one of the most important factors-the egg. In the normal situation, every woman's ovary will release (or ovulate) an egg on a regular basis-usually monthly. It is this egg, that when fertilized by a male sperm, will produce a baby. This is essential, since normal, spontaneous birth cannot occur otherwise. Simply put-no egg, no baby!

Spiritually speaking, faith parallels to the egg that must be released regularly. Like the egg, if faith is not present, there is nothing for the Seed of Christ (the Word of God) to fertilize, or unite with. As a result, new life cannot be produced, meaning there will never be a birthing of that particular gift or greatness.

Throughout 'Can I Push?' I also reveal how, "contraception mindsets", "extra-God affairs," and "spiritual abortions" can hinder our ability to birth the gifts of God forth. Finally, I also provide the revelation behind many other obstetrical and

gynecological circumstances (sexual intercourse, implantation, growth) that parallel spiritually to one's inability to birth the purpose of God in their life

Hallels: What's next for you? Are you already planning your next book?

I am looking to move to the Dallas, TX area in the near future. I am praying that the Lord will open up a door for me to work part time as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, so that I can have the flexibility to do what He has created me to do. This can be difficult in my field, since many practices are looking for full time OB/Gyn physicians. Nevertheless, I know God is able.

I love practicing medicine, however, God is starting to open doors for me to move more into ministry and inspirational speaking. This is very exciting, especially since I love inspiring people and preaching the Word of God. Of course, my niche is breaking down the medical/spiritual parallels that exist between the human body and the Body of Christ. However, I also do marriage ministry conferences with my husband, Greg, in addition to a "Spice Up Your Sex Life" workshop that was popular in both the secular and church arena. I recently started a blog called Raw Medicine at I am hoping to have more time to write consistently and develop the site. Raw Medicine was created as a platform to deliver a real, living, and unprocessed Word, with an intent to bring healing, inspiration, and hope. Like medicine, my goal is to improve the quality of one's life-naturally and spiritually.

Yes! I do have more books that I am planning to write. One, of which will be a follow up to 'Can I Push?', Understanding the Process to Delivering Your Purpose. I am also planning to finish a fiction book I started writing 2 years ago, which I believe will make for an excellent movie one day. Ultimately, my dream is to have a TV show depicting the amazing medical/spiritual parallels that exist.



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