Planetshakers “#LETSGO” Album Review


Prime Cuts:  Glorious Collision, #LETSGO, I Just Want You

One thing we can't fault the Planetshakers is that they are no slouches.  Three months after this Australian megachurch has had released "Outback Worship Sessions," they are back with a brand new set of live worship songs.  While many of their peers parsimoniously offer a mere 10 tracks, "#LETSGO" is a generous serving, boasting a whopping total of 15 cuts.  Indicative by the hashtag in its titular, "#LETSGO" is worship music made for the social media demographic.  Bursting at the seams with an adrenaline rush of youthfulness, the first 5 songs of the disc are all EDM infiltrated worship dance burners; the kind of worship that will get fans of Hillsong Young and Free out of their seats bopping to its synth-driven riffs and beeping polytechnics.  Thus, "#LETSGO" feeds a lacuna of ministering to the Millenniums, an urgent and noble priority of the Planetshakers Church.

The rhythms are pushed to the fore with the flashing electronic driven title cut "#LETSGO." Yet, underneath glitzy exterior wall of sound, "#LETSGO" is a call to action; a song that will not let God's children become spiritual coach potatoes.  The beat doesn't drop on clubby-sounding "Nobody Like You" or the metallic belting "All About You" or the crowd steering "Home."  Nevertheless, though these worship burners may be palatable to those who have grown up on One Direction, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, the lyrics leave more to be desired.  The words often are as trendy as the beats; treating Jesus as nothing more than a superlative lover than our Lord who has revealed Himself through the rich vocabulary of Scripture.  One would have wished the writers would have engage more in the metaphors and language of Holy Writ a tad more. 

Nevertheless, there are also some redeeming moments with the ballads.  "Glorious Collision" is one of those highly emotionally charged worship anthems that will get our hearts beating fervently with awe. Traversing through lots of vocal valleys and hills, the team brings us to breathtaking view of Jesus how he can revolutionize our lives.  While "Glorious Collision" is big and bombastic, "I Just Want You" is gentle and heartfelt, calling to mind their song "Abba Father." Though less powerful but still endearing is "Love of My Life," which boasts some of the most delightful piano frills.  "Born to Praise" finds the Aussie team dabbling with Gospel and hip hop without coming across too convincingly.

While Planetshakers may have a penchant for reaching the 20-somethings, they have also watered down the depths of many of the songs that they come off as non-descript love songs to Jesus.  Thus, with 15 songs, the disc does drag a little towards the second half.  One would have wished they would have tightened themselves up in the lyrical department and give us more to chew on. For even Millenniums can stomach more than a morsel of spiritual truth with each bite.


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