Ozay Moore releases "Go O! Say More!" Single (Listen Here)‏


Hip hop Christian artist Ozay Moore has released a brand new single "Go O! Say More!" featuring production by Stro Elliot. It's a really fresh/hype track for the summer.

Ozay shares, "Having been an emcee for 20+ years, sometimes you feel as if you've exhausted your content database. Like "what am I going to say that hasn't been said?" or more importantly, "I haven't said." Go O! Say More!- is not an attempt to reinvent my, or any other wheel. Simply it's a play on my name that pushed me to write a song that can be as "loose" in direction as I like. As I continue to live, I continue to accumulate subject matter in which God willing "Time" will allow me to narrate. As for now, I'm glad there is space in my career to flex in anyway I see fit and in this moment, it's a lot like a young L.L on set for the "I'm Bad" video."

Ozay Moore is a hip hop artist born in Seattle who now resides in Lansing, MI and serves as a community leader, educator and director of All of the Above Creative. Starting at a young age, Ozay Moore (formerly known as Othello) boasts a music career spanning across 20 years, multiple groups, several continents and many releases. And now with a new partnership between Ozay and Illect Recordings, we can expect even more releases, starting with The Between Time EP.

"I believe Ozay Moore will add a unique approach and perspective to our roster," says Illect Recordings, president and founder, Josh Niemyjski. "His focus on art as a tool to foster education and community is unique.  Combined with our track record, we'll be able to expand Ozay and his audience."

Ozay Moore "Go O Say More" (prod. Stro Elliot)

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