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Nighlife Worship has just released their worship album "Arise," via Dream Records. "Arise" is an amazing album filled with worship songs that will truly excite and inspire you. The single "Song of the Redeemed" has a powerful message that every church and worship leader will want to have in their rotation! Purchase the album or check out the single below: 

God's ongoing authorship of Nightlife worship's story began in 2011.  Before Nightlife was a band, it was the name of monthly worship nights at The Bridge Church in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca.  It was the vision of the church to turn upside down (think Acts 17:6) what the world viewed as "nightlife" and welcome their church family and the city into encountering the freedom and transformative power of Jesus.  It was at these events that a spirit-filled and musical chemistry began to establish between them.  This newfound harmony began to birth new songs of praise.  As the new material was shared, the church responded. 

But more than just their home church embracing them, God's favor was upon them at camps, shows and other local churches.  This fueled their passion to pursue all that Jesus had for them and to begin compiling enough material for an album.  And with most of the members being longtime active worship leaders at their church and even volunteering at other churches, songwriting came fluidly.

Roughly three years later Nightlife began a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first full-length, entitled ARISE.  It was all or nothing.  Fund it all, or none at all.  God was faithful to complete the good work He began and the project was a success.  So much so, that the band has been working to translate the album into Spanish as well. 

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