Freedom Quartet's John Rulapaugh's Father Passes Away

Freedom Quartet

Freedom Quartet member John Rulapaugh announced that his father, Duane Rulapaugh, has passed away on April 18th. The following is from John Rulapaugh:

"Early this morning my dad got up from his hospital bed and took a stroll on his own two feet down the streets of gold and thru the gates of pearl. All of the ailments that took such an incredible toll on his body were instantly healed!

THANK YOU to those who have known about this today and respected our privacy and wishes to keep it off of social media. I started the day in Tifton, GA where we (Freedom Quartet) sang last night. I wanted to get home and have the opportunity to tell my girls in person before it became public knowledge. Just seemed "right."

Burman, Preston, and Dale helped me find a way home but stayed on in Georgia to fulfill our commitments. They will be singing in Jessup, GA in the morning with my dear friend Joel Wood filling in on the tenor part. We have, unfortunately, had to cancel our appearance at the SGMA benefit in Cumming, GA tomorrow evening. We will make it up ASAP - we are very passionate about the mission of the SGMA!

We covet your prayers as we make arrangements and deal with the aftermath of our great loss. We will make arrangements for the funeral service tomorrow and I will post the details as soon as we have finalized them."



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