James Gardin Introduces His New Album "Living Daylights"

james gardin

James Gardin recently wrapped up work on his next project, "Living Daylights", which is set to release independently on March 31, 2015. The release features eight tracks including collabs with Sareem Poems (Illect Recordings) among others. The full project features production by KuroiOto. 

Hallels:  James thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start first with yourself, how did you come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior?

I grew up in the Church , I was the 5 yr old on the youth usher board, in the choir and at a church every day. I took the gospel serious around 11, and I took it personal around 23. I accepted Christ young , but it took a while to learn what that meant, and how to fully surrender my life, and die to self.

Hallels:  How would you describe your style of music?  And who would you say influence you as an artist?

That's always a hard question... I would say its a mix of funk, gospel,  and hip hop. My biggest influences would be Kirk Franklin, Dipset, Marvin Gaye, and early Kanye.

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new album.  Why did you call it "Living Daylights"?

Thank you,  I really appreciate that!!!

It's inspired by Matt. 5:16. We're all called to be lights, and point people to Christ, but I think there's things in life that try to convince us of an opposite identity. So I'm trying to get people to see that they're living Daylights.

Hallels:  You've got quite a few guests on your new album.  What was it like working with Sareem Poems & Redpill?

It was great working with both of them. Those are my brothers so it's always fun and amazing to see how they approach and interpret a song and concept.

Hallels:  I love your single "Gold," what was the inspiration behind this song?

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! Gold was inspired by the fact that popular music usually isn't the most uplifting soundtrack for Women. I wanted to make an empowerment record for women from a non romantic male perspective.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase your new record or/and find out more about you, where can they go?

My album will be on all online retailers, and you can connect with me on Twitter: @JamesGardin  Instsgram: @JamesGardinMusiv,  and SoundCloud: @JamesGardin

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