Raquel Aleman Explores the Issue of Demonic Possession in Her New Autobiography "The Demons Within"

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In 1995, Raquel Aleman started a video ministry for the purpose of encouraging, uplifting and changing people's lives. For 12 years, she housed and nurtured drug addicts, prostitutes, runaways, and saw God change their lives. Today, Aleman travels worldwide to help victims of spousal abuse, child molestation, and demonic oppression. Raquel lives in the Fresno, California area. Now she has released her new book "The Demons Within" where she chronicles how the Lord saved her from her past wrecked with demonic activities and oppression.

Raquel Aleman was only eight years old when she began hearing voices and seeing supernatural manifestations. She shares her story of redemption and details her experiences with the demonic forces that haunted her for decades in the new book, The Demons Within (Heritage Builders Publishing). This book serves as an inspiration and spiritual guide for anyone who is suffering or who has a friend or loved one suffering from similar issues, and is an uplifting, riveting story for all readers.

Aleman didn't know why entities tormented and surrounded her on a daily basis even as a child, but she did know that the phenomenon started days after her uncle had attempted to rape her for the third time. 

Forced into an arranged marriage, she naively believed that when she moved away with her new husband, the invisible beings and voices that tormented her were going to stay behind. But she was wrong. Six days into the marriage, Aleman comes to the realization that the man she's now sharing her life with is a controlling, abusive, and womanizing drunk. 

After being physically attacked and tormented by the invisible beings on a daily basis and living in an abusive and loveless marriage for twelve years, Aleman loses all hope of ever being free. She becomes distrustful, chronically depressed, and suffers from anxiety attacks, nightmares, and innumerable phobias. For the sake of her children and in her desperation, she turns to psychiatrists, priests, mediums, and curanderos. She unknowingly opens the door to an even darker and more dangerous realm. 

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