Karen Jensen Salisbury Explains in this Exclusive Interview How We Can Make the Right Decisions Every Time

Karen Jensen Salisbury

Author, speaker and Bible teacher Karen Jensen Salisbury has just release new book "How To Make The Right Decision Every Time: 10 Keys for Finding God's Direction" where she spells out steps for getting God's direction when making decisions, both large and small.

Salisbury has been an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Okla., where she also served as the editor and principal writer of the Connections alumni magazine. A professional writer for more than 30 years, she has ghost-written for authors such as Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth W. Hagin, Richard and Lindsay Roberts, and Kate McVeigh."How To Make The Right Decision Every Time: 10 Keys For Finding God's Direction"is Jensen Salisbury's second Charisma House release. Her debut book,"Why God Why? What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense," was released in 2013. 

Hallels:  So grateful for your time!  Congratulations on the release of your new book "How to Make the Right Decisions Every Time."  Let me say I love the title, it's so compelling because we all want to make the right decisions, but can we do that every time?

I think we can make the right decision every time, when we have God's help. He's the One with the perfect plan for our lives!  He's been to our future and back - He knows the way and He wants to help us make every single decision - big and small. The Bible shows us that He has always been a guide His children - it's His very nature. He's still leading and guiding today. He knows exactly the right direction for us to take so that things turn out great for us, and He wants to help us making the right decision every time. 

Hallels:  For our readers who may not have read the book yet, give us a little teaser, how can we make the right decisions every time? 

In order to make the right decision every time, I believe we must determine in our hearts to base it on God's direction - and nothing else. We shouldn't make any decision without asking our covenant partner, God, which way to go. That might sound like a no-brainer, but we all know there are a lot of different things that people base decisions on besides seeking out God's direction - things like money, or pressure, or circumstances, or feelings, or the opinions of others. We don't want to base our decisions on any of those things - they're not stable enough. 

Hallels:  What are some of the pitfalls and problems we often make in making decisions?  And how can this book help people through difficult issues?

Well, I mentioned some of them above  - sometimes we're tempted to base our decisions on the circumstances around us, or on money, or what someone else thinks we should do, instead of what God thinks we should do. Or we'll make a pro-con list to help us decide.  Yes, we should use our heads when making decisions, but we don't want to lean on just our human understanding, because it's so limited - we want God's perfect understanding before we make a decision! The book talks about some of the wrong ways we can make decisions, then sets forth specific, easy-to-follow "how-to" keys that can help us discern God's right way for our lives. Then in the back of every segment there's a "Now Engage" section that helps every reader declare for themselves what the Bible says and apply it directly to their own circumstance. 

Hallels:  Your previous book "Why God Why" came out of your own personal pain and tribulations.  What inspired you to write this new book this time around?

Everywhere I go, I meet Christians who are facing decisions.  They want to decide right - they're just not sure how to do it.  They'll say things like, "If God would justtell me what to do I'd do it!" or "I can't seem to hear God's voice or get His direction."  Some of them are so scared of making the wrong decision - of getting out of God's will - that they're paralyzed. I wrote this book as sort of a manual for finding God's direction.  I've lived long enough, helped enough people (and made enough wrong decisions myself!) to understand some of the basic steps for making right decisions and avoiding wrong ones. I want to pass that along to help people in walking out God's plan for their lives. 

Hallels:  Besides being a writer, you also speak at many seminars.  What are some of your favorite topics when it comes to teaching?

I teach Parenting seminars all over the world -- I love to teach parents how to raise their kids with faith, according to God's Word (He has a lot say about it!). I teach a lot on God's amazing love for us - it sounds a bit trite to say "God loves you" but this is a love that's meant to change our lives.  When we increase our capacity to let God love us, it undergirds us in every area of life - it increases our faith, settles our hearts, and brings us to victory. I also teach a lot on forgiveness, or what to do when you've been hurt, because unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die - forgiveness is absolutely key to receiving all God's blessings. My other favorite topics include helps ministry, the blood covenant, overcoming adversity, and of course, how to make right decisions!

Hallels: Has your understanding of Christ changed or deepened after writing this new book?  If yes, how? 

I think anytime you press into God to deliver a message (like writing a book), you find more and more richness in Him. It's amazing to me how the Creator of the Universe wants to commune with us, reveal Himself to us, and enrich us so that we change and grow - every single time we draw near to Him, there He is. I always like to say that whenever you call upon Jesus, you'll never get His voice mail or an out of office reply! And any time spent with Him deepens us.  The good news is that all of us can do that anytime, not just when we're writing a book or preparing a sermon - He wants to be known by all His children!  Amazing. 

Hallels: With 2015 just beginning, what are your resolutions for this new year? 

They're pretty much the same every year - I resolve to bravely walk out God's plan with enthusiasm and faith, to learn new things and be willing to change some old ones, to embrace every opportunity He brings my way, to overcome whatever trouble happens along, and to be a blessing to people along the way.  It's going to be a great year! 

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