Christian Rapper Canon Suffers a Near Fatal Fall After a Rescue Mission


Christian rapper Canon known for his hit "Trippen" suffered a near fatal fall on December 20.  He has since been hospitalized for a broken jaw, ribs and concussion after an attempted rescue mission went terribly wrong on Saturday night.

According to TheLeafChronicle, Canon, was leaving a performance at Faith Mission Ministries in Clarksville, Tennessee when he and his manager Brandon Mason spotted a wrecked car on the side of the road. Although they were on their way to a dinner the two pulled over to assist the driver who was still trapped in his car. The driver, disoriented, twisted the ignition key making gas spread rapidly throughout the vehicle.

The fumes now released, forced Canon and Mason to flee from the vehicle because of the possibility of an explosion. Canon then leaped over a rail thinking there was a median in between but because of the darkness of night he could not see and fell 20 feet down onto a creek bed instead.

He was taken by Life flight helicopter to Vanderbilt hospital and was treated for a shattered ankle, a broken jaw and a concussion. The Christian rapper has been undergoing surgery during the holidays. Both Mason and the driver are uninjured.

"The hard part of this is [Canon] is an artist and this is what the does. He gets paid for performing, and his jaw is wired shut," Jacob Maikish, CEO of RMG, told The Leaf-Chronicle, "We know he will be OK, but it will be a tough road with a lot of rehabilitation, physical therapy and surgeries."

Originally a member of the 116 Clique and a nominee for a Kingdom Choice Award, Canon is blowing up the industry with his unique flow and rapid-fire rhymes. This Chicago born/Atlanta based rapper has grabbed the attention of not only the Christian industry, but mainstream media outlets as well. He was recently featured on global sports giant ESPN's First Take with a free style video that had over 26,000 views on YouTube which left the sports and social media world buzzin' for more.

He has been featured on numerous tracks with Lecrae, KB, Derek Minor and Andy Mineo, as well as other heavy hitters in the rap industry. Canon has just released the highly anticipated follow up to his debut album with "Loose Canon Volume 2 (LCV2)" which debuted at #3 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart. It features some dope guest spots from Social Club, Derek Minor, Shonlock, and B. Cooper. The albums lead single "Trippen" which was recently featured on JamTheHype's Hot 4 at 4 has been burnin' up the airwaves and has set the bar for what LCV2 has to offer. Produced by Eighty7, the beat on this track with Canon's trademark rhyming style is guaranteed to get you turnt up. 


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