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Gaye Arbuckle is one of Gospel music's greatest new findings.  She has just released her debut B&G Records debut live worship album "Holy."  Known as the lead vocalist on songs such as Greg O'Quin's "Unh-Unh" and the Mississippi Mass Choir featuring Rev. James Moore's "Have Faith in God," Arbuckle has been singing Gospel music all her life. She was alo the worship leader for TD Jakes' "WomanThou Art Loosed" conference for two years running. Currently serving as the Minister of Music at Concord Church in Dallas, Texas, we are honored to have this Hallels' exclusive interview with her:  

Hallels:  Gaye, what a privilege it is to be able to have this interview with you!  Can you tell your readers a little about yourself? 
Hello Hallels, My name is Gaye Arbuckle & I'm currently the minister of music of Concord Church in Dallas, Texas where I've served now for almost 8 years. Also, I am a national recording artist, musician, worship leader, composer, thespian, teacher, workshop clinician, voice instructor and I love God!  

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new worship live album "Holy."  Where did you record this album?  What made you want to record a live rather than a studio record?

Thank you! I recorded "Holy" at my church in Dallas, Texas. Recording live gives me a chance to connect with the audience.  Additionally I wanted our church & choir members to be involved in the experience since some of them had never recorded. Live feels more like "go clean up we're going to church" Sunday morning service. Although I like recording in the studio as well,I wanted to experience the people in worship. Feeling the  energy of the's incredible! 

Hallels:  When you were choosing a song to be on the album, what do you look out for in a worship song?   

One focus is if it's biblically sound.  If its not verbatim from the scriptures, does it make sense & point you to Christ? Is it telling a story? Does the music compliment the lyrics? Does it actually fit me..can I build on it, minister to the people? Will people remember God being the center of it? Because I lead worship at my church, I'm a fan of simplicity.

Hallels:  What were some of the joys and challenges in putting this record together?
The joy was,  we did it! I can be a procrastinator and accomplishing that goal of finishing the project was HUGE. However, I had several people around that kept the ball rolling so I could focus on what I needed to do.
Because its costly & meeting the financial deadlines can cause a delay, that was challenging. Nonetheless, it taught me a lot about myself as a organizer. 

Hallels:  I really admire the versatility of your worship style.  I love the worship ballad "The Blood," and the island-influenced "Madasse" and also the hymn "I Surrender All."  Why do you think it's important to be versatile in your style of worship?

Thank you.
Versatility is important because there are diverse personalities in the world. And I'll never know where God is going to send me in ministry. Reaching the nation, being the lost soul, the new babe Christian, the grandmother, young ones..etc is vital. 
Since everyone didn't grow up in church; they probably wouldn't know "I surrender all" like my parents. So I wanted the mature saints to feel that I have them covered. 
Parents with young children driving to work could play "Madasse". I've found out through testimonies, young children really love that song.  The daycare at our church start that as a morning "pick-me-up"(Go figure)!
After you drop off the kido's, the parent can take it in with "The Blood". I remember when the Lord gave me that song,(which is a favorite of mine) all I could think about was the cross. Anytime you talk about the blood of Jesus, it should take you there. 
I may not be asked to sing in a church building, but I can take the church with me. I want God to be able to trust me with the gift he has put in me & not compromise.  

Hallels:  How would you define worship?  And what would constitute good and Godly worship?

It's been said that worship is a lifestyle and it is. Not only that, worship is also saying to God, "if you don't do it for me, you still get the glory out of my life". Worship is adoration to Him; a relationship that you DON"T want to break. Its a yearning to commune with our father and bow at His feet. Making a sacrifice that says not my will but your will be done. Worship involves speaking, listening and doing.
Since no one is good, we're always depending on him for direction. Staying in his word to hear what God is saying by obeying, is Godly worship.   

Hallels:  What's next for Gaye Arbuckle?  Are you already planning a follow-up record?  

Well, I am now in the process of hosting a worship conference in the coming months.  I am very excited about it because I feel God has been calling me in that area of teaching. In between time, I am gearing up as well for a new project before the year ends.
Hallels:  With the release of "Holy," where can our readers go to purchase this record and find out more about you?   

You can purchase "Holy" on iTunes, CD baby and please visit my website 

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