Introducing the Great Romance: An Exclusive Interview

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Matt Vollmar and The Great Romance is a worship/rock band from the St. Louis, MO area.  They travel the country spreading the gospel of Christ through music and more. The band consists of Matt Vollmar (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano), Colin Ahlvers (drums), Chase Weber (lead guitar), and Cory Wilkinson (bass).

The band has shared the stage with some of todays's biggest Christian acts including: Switchfoot, Kutless, Audio Adrenaline, David Crowder, and Gungor.  They have also played a ton of festivals including AGAPE/Greenville, IL, Kingdom Bound/Buffalo, NY and Disney's Night of Joy/Orlando, FL.  They continue to travel the country, California to New Jersey, Michigan to Florida. 

They have just released two EPs: "Still Small Voice" and a Christmas project.  We are so honored to catch with this worship band for this exclusive Hallels' interview.

Hallels:  I love the name of the group "The Great Romance."  Can you tell me how you got your name?

Back in the day, we went by a different name....which must not be named, lol.  We were discussing new name ideas and our guitar player at the time said he's been reading a book by Christian Sci-Fi author Ted Decker and the name of the religion in the book was called The Great Romance.  We took the name a step further to mean that the greatest relationship anyone can have is with Jesus.  That is the Great Romance.

Hallels:  For our readers who may not be familiar with you, can you tell us who you are as a group and how you started?

Right now, the band includes Matt Vollmar (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Chase Weber (lead guitar), Colin Ahlvers (drums) and Cory Wilkinson (bass).  The band started 14 years ago when Matt and two other guys were started playing worship at a youth group in Granite City, IL.  The guys discussed forming a band, brought in a drummer from another church and started trying to play anywhere and everywhere.  The group has had any talented musicians come and go but all have been equally important to help today's group continue the ministry.

Hallels:  How then would you define your style of music?

All of us come from worship backgrounds so there's always an element of worship in what we do. We definitely feel we have a pop/rock sound and are influenced by a lot of today's top pop bands, Christian and secular.

Hallels:  You have just released a brand new single "Still Small Voice," can you tell our readers what the song's about?

Still Small Voice was inspired by a girl we met at a camp in MI who came up to Matt and told him she struggled with cutting.  He said that God loved her and the band would be praying for her and as he turned to walk away she said "I know that, but I need more".  That's when Matt felt God quietly saying "what's wrong with praying for her now and sharing more about my love for her".  It reminds us that God is always there, speaking softly but reassuring us that he loves us no matter what.

Hallels:  And you have a new EP out too, tell us more about this EP.

The new EP marks more of a modern, pop rock sound for the band.  From the uptempo ColdPlay sounding "Seven", the worship tune "All From You", and the heartfelt ballad "Still Small Voice", the EP represents what the band feels is their best work to date.

Hallels:  Are you currently touring?  Where can our readers catch you live?

The band continues to travel all over the USA, over 100 dates a year now and well thru 2015.  For tour dates you can go to and click on the Shows tab as well as contact us to bring us into your church, camp, or worship service.

Hallels:  For those who are interested in purchasing your music or find out more about you, where can they go?

All our music available on iTunes including the new EP, Still Small Voice and our current Christmas EP "Matt Vollmar and The Great Romance: A Christmas Album". 

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