Faith-Based Movie "The Investigator" Coming to DVD; Watch Trailer Here

the investigator

Coming to DVD on December 9th is the faith-based movie "The Investigator."  The film is being awarded 5 Dove Awards and in its opening week in the box offices, the film brought in $100k. 

Based on true events, th movie revolves around Police Sergeant James Buanacore.  Buanacore starts the most important investigation of his life when a drug bust goes tragically wrong, forcing James out of the job he loves and into retirement. When James' wife Stephanie has a miscarriage, he is devastated and begins to question his previously strong faith. Depressed and angry, James isolates himself until his famous brother encourages him to take a job as a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a Christian high school.

With his cop mentality challenging his students, James struggles through experiences with an unsupportive principal, a guidance counselor with a secret, and rebellious students. But when his best option seems to be quitting, a student challenges him to begin the investigation that will change his life, and those of his students, forever...the investigation into the homicide of Jesus Christ. 

Written by Richard A Romano, brother to Ray Romano. Ray Romano has committed to promote DVD.

Content Description
Sex: None
Language: H-5; D-1; "Suck"-1; "Punk"-2; P-1; "Crap"-1
Violence: Men push each other; man punches another; man shot during struggle with blood on his shirt; man found dead on the floor by police; man punched by another causing a bloody nose.
Drugs: Man smokes a cigarette; man gives drugs to teens - twice; it appears that a man is chewing tobacco.
Nudity: Mild cleavage.
Other: Woman has a miscarriage.  

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