Rebeccah Miller "You Make Me Well" EP Review

Rebeccah miller

Prime Cuts:  You Make Me Well, Anchors Down, Floodlight

Experience offers a tutelage no amount of tuition can ever compensate for.  When Rebeccah Miller sings, "You make me well/You heal me of my sadness/... /You fill my heart with gladness/You are, You are the spring of life" on the title cut of her new EP "You Make Me Well," she sings with such a moving conviction that you can never purchase with a seminary degree or emulate via repeated rehearsals.  Rather, that Godly verve can only come from a soul that has lived through every nuance of what she has had articulated.  After a long struggle with being spiritually and physically unwell, "You Make Me Well" is more than a song to Miller.  Rather, it's the fruit of her own testimony of how God brought her out of her period of pain and sadness.  Starting off with words from Proverbs 13:12, Miller shares with us the verse that brought her out of her plight on this pop shuffle that calls to mind Sara Groves in her more propulsive phase.

22 year-old Miller started writing songs when she was only 16.  Currently, she serves in ministry at the First Assembly of God church in her hometown of Lockhart, Texas.  She became involved in worship ministry through her home church at the age of twelve, and has been growing in it ever since. It was evident, even early on, that Rebeccah had a sincere passion for truthful worship.  Helmed by Hyman Stansky, the EP offers 5 brand new songs all written by Miller from bar one.  Describing her music as mainly acoustic with some catchy electric guitar hooks, Miller's songs are ones that take Scriptural truths and make them swirl in our heads with their infectious melodies. 

Best of which is "Anchors Down."  Armed with her acoustic guitar and some light percussive flourishes, Miller makes an assault on sin by invoking on God's help.  Holiness have never been catchier than on "Anchors Down." Showcasing her worship leader mettle is "You Amaze Me;" a song that has such an inviting hook that worship leaders would do well to incorporate it into their Sunday morning repertoire.  While the intimate "So in Love" has a coffee-house singer-songwriter charm that is equally enthralling.  "Floodlight" takes the image of Jesus as the Light of the World a notch up brightening up our souls as Miller sings: "He's like a floodlight/When I was living in the dark/His word came, and it shone in my heart/Like a floodlight like a floodlight."

Miller may be young in age, but she writes and sings with such a maturity that truly belies her youthfulness.  If you are looking for a worship leader who means every nuance of what she sings, "You Make Me Well" is it.



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