New Apple TV, Coming Out Yet? What We Know So Far about the New Apple TV’s Release Date

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New Apple TV, Coming Out Yet? What We Know So Far about the New Apple TV's Release Date

Apple fans have been hearing about this new Apple TV coming up this year, while other sources reported that the new Apple TV might come out during an Apple event on October 16. Yet, the date has passed and the new TV hasn't showed up yet. Is it really coming?

Apple previously sold their TVs with discount coupons, suggesting that they're likely to put out their new Apple TV soon enough. This ended around the last week of September, against suggesting that the new Apple TV is coming out around early October, but no.

Also, it was already reported few months ago that Apple would update their TV within August, and this came from a supposed Apple Premium Reseller in Slovakia. Still, there is no official update on the issue, so perhaps the early 2015 prediction is much more likely at this point.

The early 2015 speculation came from a July report from The Information. The report claims that the Apple's engineers were told that there will be no Apple TV launch in 2014. The supposed reason for the postponement is that Apple has problems negotiating with their cable companies in the US. The source quoted the TV industry executives stating, "Apple has bit off more than it could chew". This also relates to the rumored Comcast and Apple merger, which also explains the speculated delay.

For now, what we can expect is a possible Apple TV update for its software, but let's not disregard the whole possible 2014 release for the new Apple TV just yet.



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